On being Selfish Enough to Serve Selflessly

Just STOP IT!         NOW!

Of course, the title of this post presents a conflicted and dichotomous realty for many professionals whose commitment to delivering nothing but the HIGHEST level of service to their clients is resolute.

Come to think of it, this applies in ALL relationships.

So often. we give and give and give until there’s nothing left of “me.”

Once you’ve given it all away, what’s left?

How will you serve ANYONE well if you’ve depleted your resources of time, energy, good will, generosity into obscurity?

This presents a very valid enigma as the best intentioned amongst us invest our entire being into pleasing EVERYONE . . . ALWAYS!

Some folks, have a cycle of giving it all . . . then CRASHING for a period of time for “ME TIME!”

It’s a “BINGE CYCLE” . . . Binge Serving followed by complete absence . . . Yin-Yang . . . frequently giving the outside observer an impression of instability and/or schizophrenia.

I see this frequently in my role as Real Estate Broker and Trainer for Real Estate Sales Professionals.

Burn-out ain’t pretty!

Nor is Burn-out necessary . . .

I KNOW the LAST thing you want is for people to think you’re being SELFISH, right?

It’s time for you to GET OVER IT!

If you want to serve other people best, you’re going to HAVE to learn how to be a bit selfish.

You’ve gotta preserve the best of YOU and be very discriminating about who gets it.

Protect yourself from all those energy suckers, and save it for the people who MATTER the most.

So . . . In keeping with this line of thought, check out this blog post and just STOP IT! 

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

There now . . . I said it . . .

We talked about this in yesterday’s Life Rhythm Workshop Session, so seeing this post today is some real nice icing for that cake.

I hope you’ll take this to heart and be VERY intentional about being selfish enough to be able serve the people (and causes) that matter most in your life . . . SELFLESSLY!


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