OJT – A Life Skill

We all have different learning styles.

The best teachers and Mentors understand and tailor their curriculum to (hopefully) “reach” every person in the room to capture their attention for long enough to retain new knowledge.

We know this is much easier said than done.

The most prominently known styles are VARK:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetic

When I was in the Army, I was intrigued by the structure of all of the training.

At the time, I was not aware that their way of teaching us this art of War was VERY new and, in fact, revolutionary. Throughout the 1980s, TRADOC rewrote all of the training materials and instruction techniques, and I was a beneficiary because I served from 1981-1993. I was fascinated enough that it awakened within me the “Leader/Teacher/Mentor” which has stayed with me ever since.

I’ll never forget the mantra of the training:

  1. Training Manuals with many detailed images and detailed written content for the Visual & Reading/Writing
  2. Classroom Instruction with a wide variety of visuals (Overhead Projections ) for the Visual and Auditory learners
  3. Instructor demonstration – an expert performing the task – Show me! for the Visual and Kinesthetic
  4. Student demonstration with expert supervision – Kinesthetic
  5. Student performance without expert supervision – Kinesthetic

All of that was great, but it wasn’t enough for any soldier to be fully proficient.

All of this Instruction and learning and modeling were simply the core foundation.

No soldier could possibly leave the classroom and apply the learnings anywhere close to the minimum standards . . . which were SO high because we soldiers had to be SO proficient that we could do most of these tasks blindfolded with arm tied behind our backs . . . because we were preparing for a literal “Life or Death” dependency on getting these things right.

OJT – “On the Job Training” is where the rubber REALLY hits the road for reaching proficiency, and the Army absolutely got this part RIGHT.

Day in and day out, every soldier in every branch of the military trains and practices and performs, and as long as they are serving, the bar of excellence in performance and efficiency increases.

Additionally, TRADOC knew from the start that every person is a leader . . . and so . . . at every level and rank of the military, EVERY soldier is BOTH a student AND a teacher/Leader.

THIS is why we Americans have the finest Military force on the planet.

So . . . assuming you’re still with me (Practicing your reading/writing learning style), how might this apply to your business?

Could we not apply everything above into the training and leading of our colleagues?

How powerful would your organization be if you were to adopt the mindset that everyone is a leader.

and what if you were to ice the cake with the fact this getting this right IS “Life or Death” of your company?

Having been a Teacher, Mentor, Coach in the Real Estate Sales industry for 25 years, I can say without reservation that OJT is what creates a great sales business for an agent.

Sure . . . Take the required classes . . . Join a company that offers good training and has Mentors and Coaches available . . . but those things will not “make you successful” . . . Your mission is to Lead Generate relentlessly from the day your license posts as active to the day you retire . . . Don’t worry about the rest because you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business through OJT.

I learn something new every day in this business . . . and I’m still raising my standards every day.

Are you IN?

(or is this just a hobby for you?)

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