Oh the complexity of moving

Buying a house is likely the largest financial transaction of most people’s lives.

The stakes are high and the complexity of arranging financing, finding the right house in the right location at the right price that’s available when you want or need to move is nothing short of mind boggling.

We REALTORS understand this and have great empathy for our clients. We develop systems to keep the process flowing as smoothly as possible with minimal angst for our clients.

Somehow, we get to the closing table with smiles all around most of the time.

The part we REALTORS cannot do for the client is all that stuff that has to happen after the closing.

The “Closing” represents an opening of a whole new set of challenges for the home Buyer.

Coordinating movers while handling kids and pets and changing utilities and everything else that goes with whatever surprises crop up in the settling in phase . . . all the while still having to attend to their jobs and other obligations.

Where are the closest stores – the best pizza – the pediatrician – vet – Handyman . . . This is a new frontier to be discovered.

Of course, we REALTORS help when we can by being a resource for referrals to local merchants and service folks, but we cannot do this “work” for them nor can we mitigate the mental pressure our lovely Buyers are enduring.

I believe that the way we can best serve our clients to alleviate some of this stress is on the front end . . . while negotiating the initial contract . . . to build in some time buffer to allow for surprises.

Sadly, this is not always possible because both Buyers and Sellers have their own unique challenges.

The last thing I ever advise is for ALL of the movers to be scheduled to empty the house and then fill it all on the day of closing.

There’s no room there for error and the perfect scenario for anxiety attack.

So . . . Think about this stuff EARLY . . . while negotiating the deal . . . not just before the closing.



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