NOW whatcha gonna do?

Strike while the iron’s HOT!

Yes! I’m talkin’ to YOU!

If you want to get where you’re dreaming of going, this has to be your mantra . . . always moving forward.

Intimately aware that everything is moving – ALWAYS!

You are resolutely committed to achieving the imminent reward for your consistent and persistent innovation and diligence.

Go into every meeting, class, and convention with a requirement of yourself to identify the most important and significant learning of the experience.

Yes . . . just ONE thing that WILL be what you’re gonna do as soon as you leave the venue.

In fact, if this idea is VERY HOT, and you ID it in the middle of the session . . . LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and get to work.

Don’t let it get cold.

Time’s awastin’ . . . no rest for the weary . . . let no grass grow under your feet . . . GO and DO . . . IMMEDIATELY!

Make implementation of this one idea the most important thing in your world until it is accomplished.


THIS does not belong on your list of things to do.

Get’r DONE!

Yesterday at Greater Nashville REALTORS, I facilitated a “Small Broker Round-Table” session for Principal Brokers of firms with fewer than 20 agents. The broad topic was “Issues and Opportunities associated with management of a small firm” with 4 prescribed topics – People – Systems – Tools – Cyber-security.

After my brief opening, I faded into the fringes and watched as these brilliant Brokers openly shared and learned with great passion. Going into the meeting, we had defined some “structure” that there would be four 20 minute sessions, so the participants could move from one topic to the next every 20 minutes.

At the end of the 1st 20 minute session, I stood and hollered that it was time to rotate, and they very matter of factly let me know that they were doing just fine covering the 4 topics themselves in their groups  . . . The message to me was that there was no way in hell they were going to “rotate” . . . So I relegated the “structure” component to a “check the box” announcement every 20 minutes that it was time to rotate.

At the end of 80 minutes of amazing discussion, I stopped them for about 20 minutes for “closing” – any AHAs?

There were many, and I challenged each and every one of them to IMMEDIATELY implement their ONE best idea from the session.

I don’t know if anyone did so, but I’m betting some did.

My learning from this?

Continue to invite folks to gather to discuss issues and opportunities important to them accompanied by the sole dictum of “Strike while the Fire’s HOT!

I have implemented my top idea by scheduling a session with another group of Principal Brokers next week, and I know that this group will jump in with similar passion.

All boats do, indeed, rise with the tide.

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