Now that it’s 2017 . . .

What’s different?

At the stroke of midnight when the ball dropped in Times Square, 2016 was declared OUT and here we are IN 2017.

What does this mean for you personally?

Are there things that you decided a while back that you would change about yourself, your habits and behavior, your relationships – as soon as 2017 got here?

2017 is here, and it’s time to pony up. Will you now officially COMMIT by making these things “New Year resolutions?”

So . . . Why did you wait?

Why didn’t you start the change the moment you had the idea?

Was it calculated procrastination?

Perhaps it was to give yourself time for glutinously guilty pleasure with the expectation that you can throw the switch at midnight on 12/31 and SUDDENLY make the change.

Most New year resolutions are designed to fail.

Mike Dooley offers this free project that I am certain has the potential to awesomely kick-start you into 2017

Love Your Life 30 DAY Project

Below are some thoughts I shared on Facebook on New Year’s Eve!

On this final day of 2016 . . . I sit here with tremendous gratitude for all that we ALL accomplished in 2016. I’ve seen plenty of folks wishing 2016 “good riddance” with a connotation that it was NOT a great year because of the myriad “challenges” we all faced personally, professionally, politically, globally . . . yet we have survived all of that stronger and better than before. Transformation and growth ain’t easy and can be quite painful because it requires CHANGE yet it’s unavoidable, and we each have the choice of defining our mindset. My choice is one of curiosity and intrigue at the always present question of “What’s next?”

So . . . I bid 2016 adieu with no regrets or resentment and only celebration of the wonder of how much this past year has stretched all of us in the face of oft overwhelming sensory overload as the local and world media pummels us with news of unconscionable happenings . . . and we choose to to learn, adapt, and continue moving forward.

Lest I fall into the trap of getting overly long-winded with this farewell to 2016, suffice it to say that I loved 2016 warts and all and am nothing short of exuberant about the possibilities abound for our fledgling new year.

THANK YOU 2016 . . . WELCOME 2017!

Let’s ROCK this year!

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year celebration tonight.

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