Now is not the time to be working on achieving your 2018 Goals

If you’re just now realizing that 2018 ends in 2 months, and you’re not poised to hit your goals . . .

You are likely “too late” to do anything about it.

Just as when you are late for a meeting, you cannot plea that it was the fault of “traffic.”

Guess what?

Everyone who made it to that meeting on time (or early) was dealing with that same traffic, right?

The reason you were late was that you did not leave your point of origin early enough.

No excuses!

I know this is “hard talk” that might hurt your feelings . . . and you can probably come up with a bajillion justifications for being in the pickle you seem to have gotten yourself into.

The truth is, you cannot rewind time and “fix” the past . . . What you CAN do TODAY is to commit to doing whatever it takes to adjust your habits such that you’re not late in the future.

So . . . Instead of worrying about “catching up on your 2018 goals”, why not turn all that energy into laser focus on setting yourself up for a stellar 2019?

Sure! Continue to work diligently for the remaining 60 days of 2018 – Just don’t set yourself up for, what I’ll name, “your own version of an Olympic Gold Medal Moment.”

If you allow this “Catch up on the 2018 goal” to consume you through the holidays, you’ll rob yourself of the joy and fellowship of the season, and for what?

You’ll either hit the goal or not . . . Either way, January 1, 2019 you’ll be too worn out to continue at that pace, and you’ll likely take your foot off the gas.

Consider a better way . . . Resolve to improve your habits such that your flow of leads and closings “regulates”.

Adopt a mindset of being persistently and consistently diligent at doing the things that generate leads . . . not just any leads, but the leads are the “right people” for your business.

Think in terms of quarterly “Volume Goals” and monthly “Unit Goals” (Number of Houses closed/Mth), and always be more focused on next quarter than this quarter.

This may sound crazy, but the real truth is that we REALTORS generally “get paid” 3-6 months after we capture the lead, so what we’re doing is pre-loading our income 90 days in advance.

Is your head spinning?


Now GO!


There’s more about this in my video this morning


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