Notoriety or Invisibility in the Nashville Real Estate Market?

Are you a “Secret Agent?”


How many people do you remind on a regular basis that you are a Real Estate Sales Person?

“Secret Agents” tend not to be all that successful in sales . . .

Are you consistently working with the “right” people . . . The people who live in (or want to live in) the areas you consider to be your niche?

Of course for this to be so, you would first need to DEFINE your niche.

Who do you want to serve?


What’s their problem that YOU are uniquely qualified to solve?

Can you succinctly communicate this (your Unique Service Proposition) to folks such that they “get it” and want to know more?

I want you to become FAMOUS . . . NOTORIOUS . . . as being the “BEST GOTO Person” for all things relating to your niche.

This needs to be a “no brainer” for anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in your niche area of expertise.

Why do I want this for you?

Because without it, you’ll be INVISIBLE to the people who NEED you the MOST.


You’ll be a “Secret Agent,” and you will only be visible to those folks lucky enough to stumble upon you accidentally.


Don’t leave this to chance!

Your Peeps NEED you, and how will they find you, if you’re invisible to them?

You visibility must come with a very focused message consistently over a long period of time. It’s not good enough to send a Blast Email or Mass Mail postcard a few times . . . Statistically every 21 days, even some of your closest friends and family will forget to send you the right referrals . . . So consistent and persistent TARGETED messages are key to success.

If you don’t know how to do all of this (and most folks don’t and are in denial), you’re in luck because I’m offering a 6 week workshop to get as many people I can on the right path for 2017.

Succeed in Nashville Real Estate Sale and Have a Life (Register at this link)

This “course” goes WAY beyond simply developing your niche because we also add the benefit of Living a Life of Healthy Rhythm.

Yes! You CAN build a highly successful Real Estate Sales Career AND enjoy a Healthy and Balanced way of living.

I do this course each year because I want more people to succeed – PERIOD!

So . . . Are you ready to develop your niche to set yourself up for SUCCESS and RHYTHM in 2017?

I hope so!


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