Not even in my wildest dreams . . .

Could I imagine the brilliant solutions available!

I recently hired a team of Social Media Experts to help me get more exposure for Pareto Realty!

Well – Let me clarify.

My wife Debbie found these experts and brought them to me because she’d been observing my attempts and knew that I needed help 🙂

The truth is, I’ve been VERY active in Social Media for years – I blog (almost) daily, have built a decent presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin . . . yet I have very little to show for all that effort beyond the occasional flurry of “Likes” and “Comments” and the more rare happening of a “Featured Post.”

I’m acknowledging my problem: I have NO problem with putting out a lot of content . . . Where I’m falling short is in the results.

Debbie’s right! I needed to hire a Professional.

We met with these folks and later received their estimate for 3 months of spooling up a focused Social Media Program – When I stopped hyperventilating from my shock & Awe over the sheer expense of the thing, I decided I would do it.

I turned it all over to them and let go of my need to control.

They started working this week and have already needed to “Redirect me” as I have pushed the boundaries of permissibility.

I’ve taken these restrictions gracefully and have pledged to myself that would do NOTHING to impede their progress.

“Get out of their way and let them do what they’ve been hired to do.” (The same advice I would offer anyone under the care of a Medical Doctor)

These folks are blowing my mind with their creative solutions and content. (Parachute Media)

Wanna see for yourself?

“Like” the Pareto Realty – The Vital Few Facebook page and watch it transform right before your very eyes.

This is just magical.


Let this be a lesson . . . Hire an EXPERT!

I and our team of real estate sales professionals are making magic happen every day for Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee.

Connect with me when you’re in the mood for a move.




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