“NO ONE buys a house during the Holidays!”


If that’s what you think and you have a house you’re interested in selling, you are missing the boat . . . It’s weighing anchor and revving the engines.

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone as I witness houses coming on the market and selling within hours . . . and other houses that have been on the market for MONTHS now receiving multiple offers.

Here in Middle Tennessee, The inventory of available houses has officially dwindled down to a mere shadow of its former self.

New residential development and new home construction are feverishly working to fill in the gaps, but unfortunately they’re not able to make any more LAND, so these developers are scratching and clawing for “in-fill” alternatives . . . or stretching their geographic boundaries and beginning to develop formerly “taboo” areas.

I listed 3 house for sale in the past week . . . 2 sold IMMEDIATELY . . .

and . . .

Now when we REALTORS speak of “High Inventory,” we’re often talking about BUYERS. We have buyers actively searching for specific types of properties in certain locations . . . and not seeing them on the market.

So . . . If you’ve got a house or a condo you’re sitting on and waiting for the “right time” to sell, NOW may very well be the day your ship has come in . . .

Climb on board NOW before that ship sets sail.

I and the Pros at Pareto Realty stand ready to advise you on the ins and outs of navigating this shifting market . . . Just give us a call, and we’ll drop by for a consultation.


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