No need for more

“Less is more” is so Cliche’!

As I become more aware of my inevitable potential for mortality, the less I care about having more STUFF.

I have recently (this week) returned to a long-time habit of mine which “fizzled” some years ago. This habit is one that served me well for SO many years because it helped me maintain daily focus on all of the pieces of my living that matter most. Now that I’m telling the truth, I think I fell out of this habit 10 years ago . . . This is something I started in the early 1990s as a daily reminder of the power of Deepak Chopra’s Book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success“. (first Pareto Realty Book Club book of 2020). Here’s how it works:

EVERY morning, before diving into the work fray, sit in a quiet place and read one of the Laws . . . Buy a “Composition Book” and write the date – then any reflections that come to mind for you while you read the law. I did this for YEARS, and then stopped doing it for reasons unknown.

This week, I picked this habit back up, and it’s already making a HUGE difference it this week, and guess what? It’s making a HUGE difference in my mindset and productivity. Try it – and buy this book and read it. It’s WAY more than “just another thing”

Of all the things you “possess”, which ones are “net value creators” . . . Things/people who enhance your life experience and contribute to your happiness?

What/who are those which would improve your life experience by their absence?

So . . . Now that you know your truth, what’re you gonna do about it?

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