Nice Finish – Monday Morning Coffee!

This is less about the NEW and SHINY thing you’re contemplating buying and more about:

The proof being in the pudding!

It’s that extra, well sculpted pat of Honey Butter served with the Rolls and that colorful drizzle of Raspberry Syrup on the fudge brownie.

It’s the follow through of a Golfer’s swing. (Recommended reading – Swing Thoughts written by my friend David Felts)

It’s the soccer player who shoots on goal and chases the ball just in case the goalie fumbles and offers a chance for a finishing shot.

A nice finish is doing whatever it takes to see a project through to completion . . . and beyond.

This is what “It’s all in the details” is about.

“They” say Nordstrom has this concept down pat when it comes to enhanced customer service WRT to Department Stores.

A business can only consistently deliver nice finishes for customers over time through actively listening to said customers . . .

Identify where the customer is and meet them there.

We cannot “manualize” or “systematize” this.

It’s a service art form.

It requires more Leadership and less management from those in charge.

They’ve gotta let the reigns out and allow their employees room to roam to give them the space they need to “Finish” with the customers.

I love doing business with people who get this at a high level.

It’s fun to make an “I wish y’all would . . . ” comment and then notice on my next visit that they listened to me and implemented a part or all of my idea.

For a business to survive in today’s dynamic market, the Leadership must be LEADERS, and the fundamental guiding principles of the organization must be pure and prevalent through every team member.

This is Culture!

and it pairs nicely with a steady flow nice finishes.

How are you and your organization doing WRT finishing nicely with your customers/clients?

These are things we Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty ponder daily as we lead our clients through the maze of Buying and/or selling houses.

4012 hillsboroGuess What?

Pareto Realty is MOVING into our new office THIS WEEK!

Drop in for a visit.

4012 Hillsboro Pike

Green Hills

We’re still a bit of a mess painting and preparing the space, but don’t let that discourage you from stopping in.

Maybe you’ll have some great input on how we can finish nicely 🙂

Hope you have a FANTASTIC week!


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