“New Normal”??????

I just picked up a real estate magazine that was all about the “New Normal.”

Doesn’t EVERY moment present a new normal?

After all . . . everything is in motion and always has been.

Their point was that the trends of Home Buyers and sellers and Builders are changing with more attention given to “Green Concerns” including virtually every facet of our lifestyle.

Construction materials, Mass Transit, Walkable Neighborhoods, Smaller houses . . .

More renting and less purchasing with the projection that the percentage of National Home Ownership will slip to @ 60% from the high of @ 70% before things went wacko.

Every change presents a “New Normal” and the statisticians and experts are driving themselves crazy trying to be THE person who finds the trend and predicts (with any level of accuracy) what the landscape will look like a year from now.

Around my house, the joke is that the world ends (as we know it) in 2012, so what’s all of this matter?

Whatever we think now will not have any relevance whatsoever in 12 months.

That’s certainly true for what most folks were thinking (and predicting) 12 months ago about what it would all look like NOW . . . Did anyone get it right?

so . . . Is this vortex of change accelerating to teach us all a simple lesson?

Is it that perhaps we should focus more on NOW and living in the present, then comparing “now” to the past or future?

Check the weather and dress accordingly.

Don’t invest in a future that’s subject to vaporizing on a whim.

What will you do NOW – TODAY – THIS HOUR that matters?

There ain’t no “New Normal” . . . It’s all just normal . . .

Just sayin’



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