Negotiating Deals that STICK!

What’s your batting average?

How many deals do you have to negotiate before a commission check shows up?

Do you track this?

When a deal fails to come to terms . . . or comes unglued during contract to close, whose fault is it?



Do you do an “after Action Review” after every negotiation so you can study the flow of it so you can learn from it?

Was someone “unreasonable?

Was there unnecessary drama?

How did you “handle” your side of this “conversation?”

Did you give too much too early . . . or too little too late?

Did trust break down?

Was it about the money?

Could you have anticipated this failure to come to terms prior to writing that first offer?

If so, how could you have handled it differently . . . or should you have?

What did you learn about yourself . . . Your client . . . the folks on the other side of the table?

Could you have “Pre-negotiated” some terms prior to submitting the offer so as to “come in cleaner?”

Was the pace too fast?

Too slow?

This isn’t about beating yourself up when a deal goes south.

It’s about learning something new each time that happens . . .

and increasing your batting average.

Just sayin’



What are some of your best “War Stories” @ Negotiations gone wild?

You’re invited!

A conversation about:

  • Negotiating Deals that STICK
  • Wednesday May 30 – 10 AM
  • Nashville, TN 37205
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