Nashville Real Estate Consortium might not be “over” yet . . .

The first annual Nashville Real Estate Consortium happened yesterday May 5, 2011 at 5th & Main.

We woke up to a cool, crisp morning here in Nashville . . . PERFECT weather for an event in a non-air-conditioned space with less than optimal break-out spaces. Most of the sessions happened in the courtyard sun. I consider this a stroke of luck because we here in TN are right smack in the middle of our “Severe Weather Season” which is often filled with torrential rain, high winds, and tornado warnings.

We had prepared the event space the day before, and many of the sponsors were able to set up their tables then . . . Others arrived early and got set up before the doors opened.

The music was lively and the coffee was flowing from the Noteable Blends Coffee Cart . . . Serving Pareto Realty’s custom blend.

As time passed, no-one hesitated doing what they came to do . . . make contact with PEOPLE and build relationships. It was as if everyone present was thirsty for human interaction and this conference served as veritable “bottomless well”.

The opening was scheduled to start @ 9 AM . . . but holding true to “Whenever it starts is the right time” I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt the natural flow of engagement that was happening . . . until @ 9:45 when I sensed a lull and rang the bell 🙂

We had no shortage of topics (35) and were heading to the first sessions just 35 minutes after I began the opening . . . From No agenda to FULL agenda in 35 minutes with @ 100 folks.

The day flowed beautifully . . . Everyone was FULL of energy and dynamic.

At lunch, we had the Nashville Hayriders playing Bluegrass (with some surprise guest singers) in the courtyard and a caravan of food trucks The Grilled Cheeserie, The Latin Wagon, and Pizza Buds

Following lunch . . . I think the “sessions” multiplied as groups seemed to splinter off in all directions . . . There were little clusters of people EVERYWHERE . . . Seemingly just a field of bumblebees and butterflies, and space in the courtyard provided lots of little nooks and crannies.

As the day neared the end, I walked about checking the pulses of the participants . . . Excitement was high . . . Many were SURPRISED by what happened in that short period of @ 6 hours . . . New connection were made and much was learned by all.

Let’s chalk this event up on the board as a SUCCESS!

I think this is a good start towards fortification of Nashville, TN’s economy.

We’re already starting to think about the “2nd Annual Nashville Real Estate Consortium”


PS – $500 will go to each of the 3 charities we designated – Habitat For Humanity Nashville, The REALTOR Political Action Committee, and the Rising Hope Disaster Relief Fund

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  1. Great event Barry! Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Looking forward to next year already!! I met my goals of networking with new people, reconnecting with some “old” friends and learning a few new ideas to help grow my business.

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