Name the Unknown – Then Deal with it!

Some folks call it “the Elephant in the room

I have some Canadian friends who call it: “The Dead Moose under the table

“It” is that thing that everyone knows is there, but no-one wants to name and deal with it.

More often than not “IT” is simply an unknown.

In just about any transaction, discovery of this unknown is paramount for facilitating forward motion. Folks will simply FREEZE into a state of inaction until they KNOW this unknown.

It is in this unknown where all of the RISK resides . . . and wherein Faith originates.

In my world of working with Home Buyers and Sellers, the unknown often has to do with MONEY and TIMING.

Most folks want to make a PLAN and then make decisions according to this plan . . . and we play scenarios like:

“If we sell our house for $_____, We can put $____ down on our next house and reserve $_____ for savings . . . and if we put our house on the market now, we’ll sell it in 30 days and can plan on moving into the next house in 60 days”

The problem is that life isn’t that tidy.

This is where “Contingency Plans” come into play . . . What happens if our house sells for LESS and it takes 60 days instead of 30 to sell?

What then?

Of course, this line of thinking can drive any sane being into lunacy . . . until the unknown is NAMED.

Lay all of those cards on the table, gauge your tolerance for risk, and move forward with resolute Faith that the right outcome will materialize.

Often, the role of the Real Estate Sales Professional has more to do with dragging dead meese (plural of Moose :-)) out from under the table than showing houses, Negotiating, shuffling papers, and driving fancy cars.

Here at Pareto Realty, we practice dragging Meese every chance we get because we know that “Practice makes Perfect” . . .

If you’re stuck some great unknown and are in the mood to move, give us a call . . .

We’re trained professionals 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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