Moving the ball forward . . .

Everyone has those days when they work and work and work and seem to be accomplishing little (or nothing).

In fact, sometimes it may feel like the results are BACKWARDS.

How do you think a running back feels in a football game?

Even the best running backs on the planet are doing pretty fantastic if they average more then a 1/2 dozen yards per carry.

They might carry the ball several dozen times in a game with minimal (or negative) gains on most carries . . . but when they break through the line, their speed is EXPLOSIVE and their gain might be 90 yards in a single carry.

This is how they get famous.

I’m not a running back . . . I’m the founder and Broker/Owner of a small real estate firm Pareto Realty . . . and a Real Estate Sales Professional, and I totally get the mindset that these running backs need.

They must be relentlessly tenacious.

They must be good self-motivators.

They must be eternally optimistic.

They must have LASER FOCUS on that end zone (The objective).

I think we ALL can benefit from this mindset work, and WE must keep ourselves sharp mentally and physically as we continue to carry our ball.

In the short term, the goal must be (at a minimum) one of consistently moving the ball FORWARD.

Just as great running backs succeed , so do we who keep on keepin’ on in the face of any adversity that shows up.

How’d we stay in business the past 8 years?

Was it luck?

Did someone else do it for us?

As I write this, I think of the many folks I have witnessed making HUGE personal and professional accomplishments in the past few years, and I am humbly in awe.

and I think of my fledgling little Pareto Realty born in the worst of recent times and now on the verge of a significant SURGE forward.

Go ahead!

CLAIM that running back within you!

Let’s ROCK this world in 2013.


PS – One of the “secrets” to my ability to continue to move my ball forward is the Life Rhythm Way . . . Which can help YOU as well simply by participating in our upcoming workshop starting April 10 . . . Details and registration are here:

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