Moving Right along . . . FORWARD!

There are a lot of people and organizations who have spent the past 4+ in varying degrees of denial . . . “Yes!” They acknowledge “The Economy DID tank in a large way, but if we just cinch the belt a bit and duck our heads and continue to plod along, this too shall pass and we’ll get to the other side of it and just continue life as it was before.”

Gradually, those in denial are waking up and starting to smell the coffee brewing.

You’re not going to wake up tomorrow or the next day and find that everything is FIXED . . . It ain’t happening quickly . . . In fact “The way things were” may never show up again – That’s water under the bridge.

so . . . Baby Steps!

I hear organizations (and people) talking about making HUGE changes and grasping for anything out there that has any appearance of being solid . . . diving into different “money Making” ideas and generally speaking (almost) thrill seeking.

What’s the next bright, shiny object that has any chance whatsoever of providing me the “Replacement income for what I lost in the Economic Down-turn.”

“this mess is ALL about the STUPID recession and the Large Corporations and politicians and and crooks who did this to us.”

I say: “WRONG!”

Where do personal responsibility and choices come into play?

Can we not manage ourselves to the degree that we can return to our core and build something great out of what’s already there?

This new thing may look nothing like what destructed (because of the recession) . . . how much better could it be than before?

Isn’t this a HUGE opportunity for most folks to shed the ballast of all of the extra stuff we accumulated during the times of prosperity and SOAR?

When times were good and money seemed to flow to anyone who had a pulse, most wandered from their core . . . and lost focus because of all of the debris and noise.

So I invite you to examine your core purpose . . . WHY?

Why are you here NOW?

Now! Build from there one step at a time . . . always FORWARD!

Make each day better than the one before . . .

and you’ll WIN!


Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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