Monday Morning Coffee – Your Technology Line in the sand

Where do you draw YOUR line in the sand with respect to technology?

Were you completely affronted by the recent switch of TV signals from Analog to Digital? I know that shift in technology rocked a LOT of people’s worlds because it required attaching a new gizmo to the TV and losing the “rabbit ears” . . . and if you wanted to continue to watch TV, you had no choice but to adapt.

There are other technological advances that are “less mandatory” meaning they are there, but you can (almost) continue living your life as it is without them. Cell phones are nearly standard personal equipment although I know of a few people who still don’t have one.

Pay Phones are all but gone . . . If you don’t have a cell phone, and you’re away from home needing to make a call, your only reliable option for a phone is your ability to borrow the use of someone else’s cell phone.

While we’re talking about cell phones . . . How fancy of a phone do you NEED? Should you stay on the “bleeding edge” and stand in line every 6 months or so for newest iphone?

Computer? I imagine that if you’re breathing you’ve gotta use one of these every so often (If you’re reading this blog Post, you’re using one unless someone printed you a copy – with their computer). How fancy does the computer need to be? Portable?

What are you doing with that computer? Does it save your time or detract from your quality of life? If every time you turn the beast on, it consumes your whole person for hours on end, it’s not being much of a quality of life contributor and it may be time to re-evaluate where your line in the sand falls.

Some folks fall into obsessive levels of Social Media use and actually allow those “single dimensional” social outlets to control moods . . . define “friends” . . . and literally eat time.

I say: “Life’s too short!”

I believe we all have matured enough (now) with this new technology (Personal computers and cell phones have been around for @ 25 years) that we can feel better about drawing our lines in the sand and choosing to use only the technology that IMPROVES our quality of life.

For each of us, this means something different.

If you don’t have a cell phone and you discover one would be useful for convenience or safety/security reason . . . get one.

I use LOTS of technology, and every day I see new opportunities to “up-grade” what I use whether it be newer, sleeker, faster equipment or the newest social media site.

For me . . . The decision gets easier every day. I pause and assess what I am using now and ask myself if it is fulfilling my needs? If the answer is “YES!” then I unashamedly move on without buying the new widget.

When it comes to technology . . . “keeping up with the Jones’s” could very well consume your self, your time, your money, and your quality of life.

Be careful out there 🙂



PS – Having said all of the above, I’m an internet technology junkie when it comes to gaining maximum exposure (bandwidth) in the Middle Tennessee Real estate . . . My collage of social media use, blogging, website, and strategic use of “search engine Placement keeps Pareto Realty and “Barry Owen” infinitely seeable on-line . . . this level of National and international exposurebenefits our clients in very subtle ways . . . Little “Start-up” Pareto Realty is definitely “On the Map” in the technological world.

Hope you’ll contact me if you encounter anyone anywhere considering Buying or selling a home . . . and don’t worry, I’ll meet them where THEY are with respect to technology 🙂

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