Monday Morning Coffee – Your list of things to do

Are you a “List Person?”

One of those people who:

  • “If it’s not on the list, it won’t get done . . .?
  • Everything MUST be on the list
  • The list MUST be orderly, and the goal for the day/week is to check off everything on the list.

Most “List People” get a LOT of things DONE (and they can prove it because they save their old lists with everything checked “COMPLETED”)

In theory, the list helps with ORGANIZATION. It serves as a guide to help us get things done without dropping balls.

Lists keep us BUSY BUSY BUSY as we go from one item to the next to the next.

Lists can also be counter-productive (I know this is heresy for the die-hard listers)

Some folks can make a career out of making lists. They might even have lists of their lists.

The eager list-makers amongst us put EVERY little thing on their list just so they can show more “Evidence of Success” by having MORE Check-marks.

This OCD List-making creates “Busy-work” – LOTS of activity and little real progress towards the objective.

I believe the most effective List People see their lists as an art form.

Here are some tips to create lists responsibly:

  • Keep it down to 3 lists and put them all on the same page
  • 3 Columns – PEOPLE – TODO’s – PROJECTS
  • Prioritize each list as you write – Who/What matters most at the top
  • On the back side, each project can have it’s own list of steps (in order of importance)
  • Design each day to work your lists from left to right
  • Begin with PEOPLE and touch the most important people FIRST (2-3 Hours).
  • THEN reserve a defined block of time (1-2 hours) to knock out as many TODO’s as possible.
  • THEN Tackle a piece of a project as the day winds down.
  • Real client work takes precedent over the TODO and Project work – If a real client needs attention (For me – Showing Houses, Listing Houses, Coaching Agents), DO THAT – Go back to the list later

List-making is often an invaluable tool to reduce clutter because it offers a place for all of those random thoughts, names, telephone numbers that otherwise end up on scraps of paper strewn about the place.

If your goal is to increase efficiency in your work and faster progress towards your goals . . . Fine tune your list making art skills.

Are you IN?



Some things to add you list today:

  • Mark November 3, 2012 on your calendar to attend The Nashville Real Estate Consortium – A full day community conference during which we will explore the theme: “2013 is the year of ______
  • Visit the NREC website and Register on-line
  • Tell any Local Business owners you know about this Conference so they can participate and showcase their businesses in the trade Show.
  • Contact me – Pareto Realty (Your Middle TN RESOURCE for all things real estate) If you know of anyone thinking about making a move . . . NOW is a fantastic time to Buy or Sell a house.

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