Monday Morning Coffee – You can lead a horse to Water, but . . .

Good Monday Morning!

Easter Weekend at the Owen’s house was large this year not because we actually did anything exotic . . . What we as a family did do is take advantage of virtually anything that presented itself as a “fun thing to do”.

I think it would be fair to say that the past 3 days were about inviting and being invited . . . acceptance . . . and engagement in full celebration.

Every day, we each have SO many new and interesting “opportunities” which become known to us through a variety of invitations. It could be a simple: “Let’s meet for coffee!” . . . or an emailed invitation to a luncheon . . . an announcement at church, school, or office.

Regardless of the source, each of these “Opportunity Announcements” is an invitation . . . and I believe the REAL opportunity in each of these is an invitation for you to make a choice – To prioritize and CHOOSE how you “invest” your time, and energy and passion.

Some folks feel implied obligation with invitations. “She invited me, so I MUST go!”

Whose life are you living?

If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

If you’re led to water and you’re not thirsty for that water, don’t drink it.

Conversely if you are the one doing the inviting, be sure to acknowledge this simple truth. No matter how passionate YOU are about this event or activity . . . no matter how CERTAIN you are that it “would be GOOD for the folks you are inviting” . . . You must know always that each individual person has his own story humming along in the back-ground and may not be in a place to appreciate the value.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

These are the kinds of thoughts that tumble through my head nearly every time I am preparing to hold space for a group of people to get important things done (Facilitate a conference in Open Space) because in this “agenda free (Un-conference)” format, I know that every single person who shows up and commits to be present will get EXACTLY what he/she needs . . . as long as personal agendas (filters) are paused for the day and each person INVITES (Poses a Topic for discussion) . . . PRIORITIZES, then ACCEPTS (Attend other folks sessions/conversations) . . . ENGAGES fully (is present and telling the truth) . . . and lets go.

That’s the flow of life!

It works in an Open Space Technology conference and virtually every other facet of your life,

Just sayin”



PS – If you’re interested in learning more about the conference I am holding May 5, click here – The Nashville Real Estate Consortium . . . You don’t have to be a REALTOR to attend, but you will need to come with Passion and willingness to take responsibility for that passion around the theme of “Leveraging relationships (Personal and Business) to build community in order to fortify Nashville’s Economy.”

Simple as pie . . .

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