Monday Morning Coffee – “Working” IN or ON your business or Life?

Most of us spend most of our time “working” IN our life and/or business.

What I mean by this is that we tend to let “what needs to be done” control our every waking hour.

“What needs to be done” is what’s on the ToDo list . . . It’s our routine of waking up, feeding the dog and kids and getting everyone out the door to school or work . . . then 8 hours of school and work followed by car-pools and soccer and clubs . . . Then supper – Get ready for bed . . . Pass out!

“What needs to be done” can very well keep people so busy that they have to wait for the week-end before they can actually have any form of intelligent conversation between husband and wife (or among staff at the office).

So . . . Is this OK?

Do we chalk this up as something that just is what it is?

OR . . .

Might we consider that there could be a more “balanced” approach to life?

What if we were to spend an intentional period of time each week with the sole purpose of working ON our Personal & Professional lives?

What could THAT do for us?

Once a week, we stop the madness for a few hours for a meeting of the minds just to connect . . . and compare calendars . . . and talk about issues of the day . . . and look for creative solutions to make this getting “What needs to be done” less all consuming?

What efficiencies might appear if we intentionally committed to working on finding new ways and routines?

I believe that life is coming at all of us FAST these days. There’s just SO much to do. Technology has not served us well with respect to easing our work loads . . . In fact, what it seems to have done is ACCELERATE our lives . . . We can do everything FASTER now . . . so we therefore try to do MORE . . . ALL THE TIME!

Well, I think it’d be a good practice to stop and smell the flowers occasionally . . . and FOCUS . . . and pay attention to what MATTERS in your Personal and Business lives.

and simply ask the question:

“Am I being authentic by paying attention to what REALLY MATTERS (Your 20%), or am I in the rut of What Needs to be done?”

If you cannot look yourself in the eye and solemnly swear that you’re “in your 20%”, then I think it might be time to work some “ON” your life and business time into your busy schedule.

I’m just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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