Monday Morning Coffee – Without a good story, what’s your plan?

This weekend was a cool weekend. It seems there are a lot of festivals and art shows happening, and I didn’t really get it til I asked an artist why?

She told me that it’s a Christmas shopping thing. Artists display their work more in November in hopes of selling more.

It all started with a festival in Berry Hill where we found some very cool music – a drum troop – at REESE studio. the leader told a story about how they came to be . . . and the music was the real thing.

Then we talked for a few minutes with a vendor who was selling straw flip-flops with wildly adorned straps. I asked why flip-flops in November and what was so unique about them? She had a great story. These flip flops were ambipedtrix (Could wear them on either foot) and serve as fabulous “inside shoes” . . . “Just roll out of bed and slip’m on” . . . much easier than slippers. They were a fad way back n the mid ’80s, and she thought they were cool . . . So she combines her artistic talent to an 80’s fad and put a price on them. I wanted to buy some and grabbed one of her cards.

We then went to an art show where a friend of ours was displaying her work. She took us from piece to piece and told a story about each piece – Where the materials came from – Why the colors were arranged just so – What the meaning . . . and if we were to buy it, where it should go in a room. (We wanted to buy ALL of them)

While there, we spoke with other artists with very similar experiences. Each artist had a story to tell about why she had chosen to do her art in the particular medium . . . and then a series of short stories about the origin and meaning of each work on display. We almost bought a bunch of Stained glass.

We also learned that the show included educational sessions for the artists to learn more about branding themselves . . . and marketing themselves effectively such that they could earn more money for their work. This underlying message of the marketing/branding was the importance of incorporating their life story into a theme for the work they do. Hmmm

When I took Jessica to Sunday School today, there was yet ANOTHER art show in “Fellowship Hall” – Artists in the Belfrey. I walked through and saw some interesting art, and there was one panel of paintings that really caught my attention. I passed it and viewed all of the others and then returned for a second look. There was one small painting that I particularly liked and was seriously considering buying it. The artist showed up behind me and I asked the origin. Where was this quaint little house? She shrugged her shoulders and simply said: “I think I found that in a magazine and copied it.” . . . I was deflated . . . no story whatsoever. I was no longer interested in any of her work.

Kinda the same pit in the stomach when I find what I think a very creative hand-made widget only to see “made in China” on the small sticker underneath . . . Just seems to take all of the Soul out of it . . . no story!

Are you telling your story?

Are you developing your story?

I believe that’s where you value is.

I’m just sayin’

Hope you have a great week!


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