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Why Volunteer?

When the Leader of the group asks: “I need 3 volunteers to go over there and help Jimmy!”, most folks “run for the hills” with a whole litany of tactics.

Some avoid direct eye contact with the leader by looking at their feet or feigning the sudden reception of a very important phone call . . . while others instantly want more information about what they’re going to have to do “over there with Jimmy” and invariably less than 20% (More like 5%) will raise their hands.

Jimmy could be doing anything ranging from lifting heavy objects all day to going for ice cream. How will you know unless you volunteer?

This past Friday, I participated in the Habitat for Humanity house build with the Board of Directors and Staff of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS (GNAR).

When we arrived on-site, “Our house” was a concrete slab and 3 very large piles of wood (Pre-built Wall panels and roof trusses).

Between 7 AM and 11:30 (4 1/2 hours). our group of @ 25 folks along with a couple of fantastic HFH Leaders erected that house with all walls (exterior AND Interior) in place and the roof trusses prepped for installation.

That 4 1/2 hours was very full of opportunities to volunteer and as the time passed, each member became more willing.

Don Klein Executive Director of the GNAR had set a good example of the volunteer Spirit by immediately raising his hand to say an invocation at the tail end of the safety briefing . . . I noted that he had probably done many invocations in the past because he did a masterful job. Don’s a volunteer.

Similarly, there are volunteers throughout the South raising hands to help their neighborhoods in recovery efforts after the blizzard of tornadoes that razed so many homes and businesses . . . and killed and injured hundreds of people.

Just as a veritable army of volunteers helped Nashville recover from the flood of 2010 1 year ago.

So . . . Seein’ as we’re in the Volunteer State, I thought it would be appropriate to offer up some good, solid reasons to be a volunteer . . . Feel free to chime in if you can think of others 🙂

  1. You get to choose what you do! (Being Intentional & Purposeful)
  2. Other people perceive you as being a Leader (Respect & Integrity)
  3. You get more PRACTICE!
  4. Other people notice – and more opportunities show up.
  5. You can make a difference in other people’s lives.
  6. Good role model for Children.
  7. Personal growth – Strength comes through Passion and taking responsibility
  8. More life experience (ACTION) than others
  10. Your Volunteer Spirit is contageous – Others catch it and everyone benefits exponentially.
  11. “Makes you FEEL GOOD” – From Jim

There ya have it! All you’ve gotta do is open your eyes and follow your heart . . . then volunteer early and often.

Just sayin’

Hope you have a great week!



PS – the Nashville Real Estate Consortium happens this Thursday May 5. If you’re in the mood to practice following your passion, join us. Doors open at 8 . . . the Opening begins at 9 . . . At the end of that day, you’ll be well on your way to “Volunteer Expert” simply by showing up and being present.

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