Monday Morning Coffee – Why Blog?

Almost every day for at least the past 25 years, I have written.

If you do the math, that means I was writing pre-computers . . . which means that I was writing by hand in a journal .

At some point along the way, the internet showed up and I decided to share my writings with others. This decision came BEFORE BLOGGING WAS COOL!

I wrote on Listserves and message boards comprised of people whose mindset seemed to align with my own thinking . . . and it became one LARGE conversation which continues to this day.

Until @ 10 years ago, all of this writing was visible ONLY to the “members” of these groups . . . until I discovered this idea of BLOGGING . . . That I could essentially “Self-Publish” my writings in a more public venue accessible to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

I would later learn that through the search engines (Google etc), people would be able to find my writings simply by submitting a search for the content they wished to see.

AHA! The internet is a HUGE “Bulletin Board” . . . a veritable unlimited sandbox for people interested in sharing ideas and collaborating with others all over the world.

Seth Godin wrote this blog post today “The Free-Rider Benefit” in which he makes the Oh-So-Valid point: “once you can get your head (and your heart) around the idea that ideas that spread, win, there are significant opportunities in a digital world where it’s easier than ever to help people go for a free ride.

So . . . to answer the question: Why blog?

  • Therapy – Writing clears the head and helps clean up developing thoughts
  • There’s NO down-side – If people don’t like what I write, they simply don’t read . . . If they do like it, they share it and/or engage in dialog with me privately or with public commenting
  • Being “Published Internationally” – Every blog post that hits the internet is available instantly to anyone in the world with a computer
  • Does it bring new business? Maybe, but that’s not why most bloggers blog. More probably, blogging establishes the blogger as an “expert” in the featured topic/theme
  • Committed bloggers enjoy the DISCIPLINE daily blogging requires. Blogging keeps me THINKING and developing new and exciting (to me) ideas throughout each and every day.
  • Building your own, personal “Tribe” – As readership grows, the blogger knows that most of readers are “like-minded people” who may or may not contribute actively to the conversation and are DEFINITELY out there in world sharing.

So . . . I think YOU have some MARVELOUS ideas and am inviting you to share.

I think the world is READY to hear from you.

Blogging is not more difficult than writing an email – do you write emails now?

Blogging doesn’t cost money – There are free sites everywhere. Some are industry specific like (Real Estate Industry), and others are just big, open spaces created to give people (like you) a place to have their say like

Speak your mind.

Stand for something.

You’ll be heard by the right people and will definitely be surprised by the reach of your message.

. . . and it might just help clear the cobwebs and spaghetti out of your head 🙂

PS – If you DO start a blog, please invite me to read what you write.

I blog (almost) daily here at about Life Rhythm, Flow, Open Space Technology, Business effectiveness, and Real Estate Industry news and trends locally (Nashville, TN) and Nationally. I hope you’ll subscribe and join the conversation.

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