Monday Morning Coffee – Who’s in charge of caring for your self?

Stephen Covey calls it “Sharpening the Saw” and mentions some things to consider:

  • Spiritual – Prayer and Meditation
  • Mental – Reading, learning, Thinking
  • Social – Getting out there
  • Emotional – Moderating DRAMA infusion
  • Physical – Take care of you body (Where will you live if it dies?)

I believe most folks leave these things to other people.

Yep! The average human allows other people the power to “take care of” their “self needs” . . . and other people tend not to do as well at this as your self can.

Why do folks relegate such a crucial life sustaining job to other people?

When it comes to taking care of Self, the average person is lazy and undisciplined . . .

In the face of our “High Demand Environment” (EVERYONE wants a piece of you) It’s hard work to motivate Self to do the stuff that Self needs.

With all the buzz flying around about the Health Care System in the USA, I’ve seen a flurry of folks saying that if folks would just take care of their OWN bodies, it would matter significantly less what the Health Care System can do for them.

Do the right things for Self, and you’ll need less medical care.

Stephen Covey is right that this means WAY more than simply “eating right” . . . It’s about all facets of our humanity (The 5 Sharpening Saw items).

so . . . In the Spirit of the Life Rhythm Way, I offer the following “Best Practices” for all those folks out there who are interested in and ready to make a commitment to finding a Life Rhythm that yields healthful living.

There’s just ONE rule:


Sticking to this “plan” will require work and discipline until you find your rhythm . . . I guarantee, you will experience some plateaus and dips along the way, and every time you do you will have the temptation (Burning Desire) to QUIT and scamper back into your (less healthful) comfort Zone.


This is NOT about religious beliefs (although those may play a significant role in your Spiritual Rhythm). Daily, Reserve a quiet time and space to tend to your Spiritual needs . . . Meditate, pray, or whatever does it for you. When the world’s coming at you just a little faster than you can cope, PAUSE – Have a Spirit moment – and return anew


Stretch your brain every day. Intentionally put new stuff in there (your brain) through independent reading, Attending Education sessions, joining a Mastermind group, Mentoring someone . . . Seek mental challenges and dare to innovate in thought and doing. Daily reserve a block of time to intentionally exercise your mind!


Success shows up through others. We need other people to complete us. Each new person we allow into our world brings new insights and perspectives. Our professional life can easily become very isolated and lonely . . . so . . . Daily reserve time to meet PERSONALLY with at LEAST 2 people! Could be Friends for lunch/coffee, clients, networking meetings, biz-to-biz . . . Get out there 🙂


WHEW! Do you every just reach that point of no apparent return? OVERLOAD – OVERWHELM – Hating everyone and everything  . . . and then sliding into self-pity. No worries . . . We all have those “freak-out moments” and it’s important to pay attention to our emotional state of mind. Daily, take a moment to evaluate your Emotional Self! Then decide what you can do to move forward with gusto – Forgive, forget, LET GO!

Physical – (Sorry! This one is gonna be LONG)

Healthful living includes attending to the basic human needs of sufficient sleep, adequate clothing and shelter, moderation of STRESS, “enough” exercise, and a diet that gives our body what it needs to perform.

As we sharpen our saws each day with all of the above, we precipitously increase our odds of attaining a level of success which will more than fund (financially) our human needs of food, clothing, and shelter . . . BUT there’s a caveat.

Even the most successful people on the planet often fall short when it comes to taking care of their exercise and dietary needs. When our Rhythm is off (or non-existent) we’re living in a less healthy way and are more prone to illness thereby increasing the need for medical care.

EXERCISE – DAILY, Walk OUTSIDE for 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Adopt a dog if you must (to make you get into this discipline). the “OUTSIDE” is important – Fresh air 🙂 By all means, carve another time 3-5 days each week for more rigorous exercise. These daily walks will boost your metabolic rate every morning and evening and will do wonders for you psyche and well feeling. (also has proven to be instrumental in shedding unwanted extra pounds)

DIET – I think I better do this one with a  “NOT This” – “DO This” list

  • NOT THIS                                                        Do THIS
  • Fast Food for lunch                                    – Pack a Healthy Sack lunch
  • Soft Drinks/Soda                                         – Drink WATER
  • Fruit Juices                                                   – Eat a piece of Fresh Fruit
  • French fries/chips                                     – Opt for fresh veggies – Carrots
  • Snacking throughout the day                – Plan 3 Meals and 2 snacks daily
  • Trash mouthing while cooking             – Eat the meal when finished
  • Eating on the run                                        – Intentionally sit for each meal
  • “Grazing” from the serving dishes        – Serve a plate to monitor portions
  • Restaurant “All you can eat”                  – Order from the menu
  • Restaurant Appetizers & Bread            – Side salad
  • “Binge eating” (Whole bag of chips)    – Celery, carrots & fresh fruit
This may sound “Boring” . . . or complex. After all, most folks who are in the routine of Over-eating and under-exercising go in “fits and starts” to lose weight or “get in shape” and they spend gobs of money and put weird stuff in their bodies to speed up the weight loss . . . and then they fall off the wagon.

Wouldn’t it be easier simply to learn the principles of sharpening your saW DAILY?

What’s YOUR evaluation of self?

How’re you doing with your “Self-Management?”

Are YOU “in charge” . . . or have you succumbed to societal pressures?

Here’s hoping that more folks find Healthy Life Rhythm . . . It really COULD be the best solution for the Health care system . . . and NOONE can do this for every person.

Just sayin’



All of the above is at the core of the “Life Rhythm Way” program – I offer Individual and Organizational coaching, Speaking, workshops/retreat to help folks find more healthful living . . . These are the fundamental principles we espouse at Pareto Realty as REALTORS are not naturally inclined to live particularly well-balanced lives – We understand that when the Professional Sales person is living in rhythm, the process of buying and/or selling a home is significantly enhanced 🙂

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