Monday Morning Coffee – Who’s buying houses these days?

Not a day passes when someone doesn’t stop me and ask: “How’s the Real Estate Market?”

I answer: “STEADY and STRONG!”

Because I know there are really TWO real Estate Markets co-existing side-by-side . . . The VISIBLE market which tends to be full of all of the drama of the day (Doom & Gloom) . . . and the NINJA Market which is humming along under the radar closing real estate purchases and sales at a steady pace.

With interest rates at Historic LOWS (Again) . . .

and a very appealing array of available Houses for sale at amazingly enticing prices . . .

and Mortgage companies more friendly to House Buyers than they have been in recent History . . .

One might think that House Buyers would be swarming like a school of piranha.

That’s not happening (in a visible way) and the media is taking great pleasure in having something provocative to report, so we all see headlines that scream “DECREASE in House sales” or “LOWEST number of house contracts written in past year“.

The REALTORS that I know who are seriously in the business of serving Home Buyers and Sellers are selling houses.

We’re in a “Ninja Market”

Savvy House Buyers are buying houses and reaping all the rewards of Carpe Diem . . . and if they have houses to sell, they are properly preparing their houses for the market and offering them at fair prices (Because they have equity and can) and are selling them quickly.

These Ninjas are financially stable and deliberate as they prepare their strategy and stealthily complete their missions.

Who are they?

These are the same people who have ALWAYS bought (and sold) houses. The big difference between the buyers of today and those of years recently past is that they are not fueled by artificial stimulation (Tax Credits, Mass marketing, Housing booms . . . all of which create the aforementioned Piranha Feeding Frenzies).

  • Move-up Buyers – To Larger house or more desirable neighborhood
  • Down-sizing Buyers – Towards Lower maintenance, smaller
  • First time Buyers – Tired of renting and aware of the oportunity home ownership offers
  • Investors buying houses and Condos to capitalize on the emergence of a strong rental market
  • Relocating in and out – Folks moving in and out of our area to move where the employment is (More into Middle TN than out)
  • Recovering Home Owners – Now buying after experiencing a short sale or foreclosure in the past 3-5 years
  • Low down-payment house buyers who understand that with good credit, they can still purchase a house with virtually no cash required.

 The bottom line . . . YOU might be one of these Ninja House Buyers or Seller and not even know it. If you have lived in your house for more than 5 years, and feel like you have reasonable equity, NOW may be the PERFECT time to consider making a move.

All you need is a little “Ninja Training” to start the process moving in the right direction. Just contact me, and I can help you find the Ninja YOU and clarify your goals . . . then, we’ll just DO IT!

Hope you’re faring well in this relentless heat wave.



PS: We call our Company Pareto Realty – The Vital Few for a reason . . . We’re practicing our Ninja Art daily 🙂

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