Monday Morning Coffee – Who is the Customer and Does it Matter?

Of COURSE, it Matters if you want to stay in business.

I’ve had some rather interesting Customer Service experiences of late.

The first few experiences were with very LARGE organizations which had clearly lost perspective as they “Systematized” their processes.

There were some smaller organizations, who tried valiantly but fell short of satisfying me (Their Customer) due to inattention (lack of listening).

Others seemed to hear me just fine but failed to deliver their promises with a series of dropped balls.

I’m a pretty forgiving customer.

After all, I managed restaurants for several years, learned the critical importance of delivering promises while in the Army, and have served hundreds of Home Buyers and Sellers.

For sure, I’ve failed many times in my 3 careers.

I’ve been guilty on all 3 “Charges” – Lost Perspective – Inattentiveness – Broken Promises.

We all have bad days at the office once in a while.

This is not about beating these folks up for underserving . . .

This is about what they choose to do after committing the crime.

Will they do whatever it takes to show the customer that they CARE?

(this would require an apology with direct and personal communication – not a standardized letter from corporate)

Will they acknowledge that their customer’s time and energy have VALUE and therefore expedite their processes to resolve the issues with minimal hassle for the customer?

Will they review bad customer service events and change their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to be sure no other customers receive the same sub-standard service?

I could write a book about my recent experiences, but I’d rather be devoting my time to serving my own customers/Clients (House Buyers and Sellers  . . .  and the Real Estate Sales Professionals Affiliated with Pareto Realty).

As you serve other people, are you demonstrating that you care?

How can you improve?

What recent experiences of poor (or superlative) service have you had?

I’m listening . . .

I hope this is a week of nothing but SUPERLATIVE service everywhere you go this week.

PS – On my “FAIL” list for the past couple of weeks are Cricket Communications, Verizon Wireless, Panera Bread, Comcast (Seems to be on EVERYONE’s List) . . . and a few others which shall remain un-named)

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