Monday Morning Coffee – When “WHERE” Matters!

In the mid 1980s, my Father Harrison Owen stumbled upon (discovered) a cool Organizational Transformation “methodology” (new school of thought) around the notion that everything is self-organizing.

He called it Open Space Technology and has (for 25+ years now) been very intentional about the simplicity of the concept . . . That it really isn’t  more than being descriptive (not prescriptive) of what naturally happens in organizations when we relinquish our highly evolved need to COMMAND and CONTROL.

Fundamental to Open Space Technology is simplicity as evidenced by only 4 principles and 1 law:

  • Whoever Comes is the right people
  • Whatever happens in the only thing that could have
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • When it’s over, it’s over

The Law of 2 Feet: If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to take yourself to a place where you can contribute or receive something of value.

In the past 30 years, some of the world’s greatest thinkers have practiced and pondered the magic of OST . . . and organizations, governments, NGOs, Non-Profits, Manufacturing concerns, Consultancies have all “used” OST with phenomenal results.

It is often said that Open Space technology never fails to take an organization where it is destined to go – Faster – and more efficiently than any other process.

Many Consultants have made efforts through the years to add to the process by increasing the structure . . . defining more boundaries . . . while the “purists” have held tight to keeping it simple (4 principles and a Law) and, in fact, looking for ways to do one LESS thing with each new application of OST.

Our friend Ralph Copleman (Now deceased) put it simply:

“Everything is Moving!”

and only OST seems to be appropriate . . . ALWAYS!

After the recent series of public revolutions around the world often manifested in the form of huge, spontaneous gatherings of people, Harrison Owen got to thinking that there might be a missing principle in Open Space Technology – a 5th Principle:

  • “Wherever It is is the right place”

For Dad to ADD a Principle after 30 years of concentrated and deliberate “Less is More” practice is either heresy or brilliance.

I’m leaning towards the brilliance side (not because of my bias towards Dad) because I see more and more relevance to this “WHERE” Principle.

The world got away from “Where” when we all got so enraptured with the connectivity of the internet which many people say “Shrank the world” . . . Suddenly, all information seems to be available to all people on a level playing field . . . and we can now be in direct dialogue with people on the other side of the world with a few taps on a computer keyboard (or pad).

There seems to be a new realization coming on the heels of the Economic morass we have all been experiencing . . . Suddenly WHERE MATTERS . . . Especially as we all consider our LOCAL markets as they relate to State, Regional, National, and International markets.

We REALTORS see stories with alarming titles like:

Home Sales Contracts Fall to Seven Month Low

 . . . An article released from “Washington” and published prominently in our local newspaper . . . CLEARLY a representation of being out of touch with the local economy.

The local REALTOR community is aghast and miffed by this reporting because it is egregiously NON DESCRIPTIVE of the real estate market we are experience in many areas of the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market.

Some areas are showing as much as a 22% INCREASE in activity.

I did market research in a neighborhood for a new listing coming soon and discovered that in the past 6 months, the neighborhood has 6 CLOSED and 3 PENDING . . . . The prior six months only had ONE closing . . . Is this an indicator of doom and gloom in today’s market?

Seth Godin published a blog post this morning:

All Economics is Local


Before you make personal financial decisions based on general (National) news, consider the source of the news and think about it’s relevance to YOU and your local community.

If you’re confused, call a LOCAL EXPERT and ask questions.

My observation of the real estate market in Nashville is that it IS moving. Most of the Buyers I am working with these days are “Moving UP to larger house or more desirable area” or “Downsizing” . . . meaning that they are BOTH purchasing AND selling.

This seems to be the PERFECT market for folks who have reasonable equity in their current house to make a move.

WHERE MATTERS . . . Listen to the Local Experts and do business with Local Businesses in your LOCAL Community.

I’m always available to explore options with you with respect to Middle Tennessee Real Estate.

Hope you have a great, LOCAL week.



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