Monday Morning Coffee – When Conflict Arises

Most folks don’t enjoy conflict.

Those who appear to thrive on it, (I think) are magicians practicing “slight of emotion” tricks on themselves and others . . . while those who ostensibly don’t like conflict practice evasion tactics . . . even to the extent that they may be willing to walk away from a fantastic opportunity or relationship just because they don’t want to “engage.”

Conflict has a bad rap. It actually offers HUGE benefit as those in conflict can LEARN from each other and Mature and GROW.

They may even rise to the conflict and find themselves reaching heights beyond their wildest dreams.

Adversity gives us all 2 opportunities – Quit or move onward.

During the purchase or sale of a home, adversity and conflict can show up at many  stages of the process, and each time I face these moments I default to a few simple concepts as I advise my clients.

  • Fundamental Simplicity – Why are we here? What got us into this thing TOGETHER in the first place? In the case of a real estate transaction, the Buyer wants to buy the house (for a whole set of personal reasons) and the Seller wants to sell the house (for a whole set of personal reasons). When things heat up in a negotiation relating to this transaction, it’s these “personal reasons” that each party must revisit so as to remember the end in mind for motivation to continue to do.
  • Focus more on what keeps us together and less on what tears us apart. In the heat of the moment, relatively small issues can seem quite LARGE . . . moving past/through these issues brings everyone to “the other side” (which often is realization/manifestation of their dreams).

Toss in an “outside spanner” . . . What I term a “Core Fundamental Stability” . . . a metaphysical “Mantra” or “Heartbeat” or “Rhythm” or “Flow” . . . That which just makes things FEEL “right.”

A short name for this is “FAITH!

NOTHING has more importance when facing adversity than FAITH in God, yourself (Your instincts and personal validity), and others who have significant influence on the outcome.

Am I crazy to imagine that these simple ideas about facing adversity are applicable in Personal, Professional, Organizational, Political, Local, Regional, National and International scenarios?

PS – At Pareto Realty as we work with Home Buyers and Sellers, our primary focus is to discover, preserve, and bring to fruition our Clients’ “end in mind” . . . When you’re in the mood to move, contact us and experience a fresh approach to real estate service.

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