Monday Morning Coffee – When a Team Comes Together

We see it every day . . . A team of talented performers/players who show up for the game and everything goes wrong.

It’s these out of synch moments that can be real morale killers. Often, the first fumble can kill any possibility of early momentum to carry through the rough parts of the match.

UNLESS the team remembers the fundamentals of playing as ONE.

The TN Titans started yesterdays game with the Steelers (Who were favired to win by 7.5 points) in a BAD way. On the VERY first kickoff, our Kick-off return specialist caught the ball in the field of play and then downed it in our end zone causing a safety – 3 seconds on the clock, and the Titans were down 2-0.

This would be a great opportunity for the team to beat up that specialist and begrudge the idiocy of the play, but I think they might have taken it in stride much as our soccer team of 6 grade girls takes foibles on the field . . . Coach David says: “Unlucky!” . . . and they go back to playing.

The Titans played masterfully and WON that game. They literally controlled the field and thwarted the Steeler’s every effort. (The Steelers had SEVERAL “Unlucky” moments)

Keep it all in perspective.

When things go awry, keep moving forward.

Do a quick assessment – Is there something to learn from this mistake, or was it simply unlucky?

Resolutely commit to every play being better than the one before.

and NEVER take your focus off the goal.

I believe that all of these things are already within all of us. For some odd reason, teams sometimes forget . . . and fall apart.

True Leaders TOTALLY understand all of this and their teams seem to have more than their fair share of “luck” as they come together any time something “Unlucky” happens.

How’s YOUR luck these days?

If you’re not feeling the Mojo, who’s on your team?

Is it time to acknowledge the “unlucky” moments and move on?


Let’s DO this!

Hope you have a tremendously Lucky Week!


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