Monday Morning Coffee – What do we ACTUALLY Know?

ummm . . . yep!

It’s Wednesday already, and I’m just now getting “Monday Morning Coffee” off the presses.

I promise it’s not because I’ve been sitting on the couch this week eating bon-bons and watching TV.

First thing Monday morning, I hit the ground running with the Nike Tag line firmly etched in my mind:

“Just Do It!”

In 2 days (Monday and Tuesday), I’ve accomplished about a week’s worth of work through sheer will and determination, and I’m not done for the week. Today will be a day of “Cleaning up” and gathering the bits and pieces remaining to be done from the collage of initiatives I tackled . . . and then Thursday and Friday are filled with oh-s0-fulfilling work with Home Buyers and Sellers.

What is it that keeps us moving forward?

What do we actually KNOW?

I see it every day in my Real Estate Brokerage and Sales Practice . . . Nearly everyone in my field of work claims to be “Number 1” . . . an “EXPERT”

Some of these self-proclaimed “Know-it-alls” got that way with LEARNING through studying, attending classes and conferences, and making it their personal mission to KNOW EVERYTHING about Real Estate Sales.

For sure, these folks aggregate a LOT of INFORMATION in their brains . . . They’re “Book Smart” . . . Yet many of them come up short when we consider their relative success.

Some become “Educators, Coaches, or Speakers” and follow a path of “academia” as life-long learners . . . and they change lives DOING teaching, consulting, and speaking.

Then there are the people who seldom attend ANY classes and NEVER crack a book open, yet they’re knocking the ball out of the park consistently with HUGE successes.

They appear to be “Common Folk” who seem to have minimal education.

I’m here to proclaim that it’s these “Common Folk” who have more KNOWLEDGE than most others because they’re “in the trenches” just DOING.

If you want to know how they do it, you’ll probably have to shadow them for as long as they’ll tolerate you . . . watch everything they DO . . . because they’re probably never going to stop moving long enough to ‘splain things.

This morning, My Facebook Friend Eddie Ferrell posted: “I did it – I used a DREAD-mill today. I’m tired of letting this weather get the best of me!! Hate indoor running but hate not running more … Have a great hump day -I know I will”

and Seth Godin wrote a relevant blog post this morning (how did he know what I was thinking about?) entitled¬†“Oh sure, I studied with him at Harvard”¬†. . . The final 2 lines:

“What level of exposure counts as actually¬†knowing?

For me, doing is at the core of it. If you’ve done something with what you’ve learned, then maybe you know it.”

Learning is important!

What are you DOING?

THIS is what matters!

Happy Hump Day to ya!

(I can’t say “Hump Day” without the image of that camel strolling through the office streaming through my mind – Makes me smile)

PS: The landscape of the Middle Tennessee Real Estate market is VERY fluid these days. If you have even the slightest inkling to make a move (Or just want an “Insider’s peek), connect with me and let’s get together to explore your options.

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