Monday Morning Coffee – We need some FIBER in our diet!

The Benefits of Fiber: For Your Heart, Weight, and Energy

but I’m not going to talk about THAT kind of fiber in today’s post.


Fiber is coming

Nashvillians are REJOICING!

Most anyone who has ever done business with the leading internet provider in the area (Comcast) has an axe to grind with them because they have consistently and persistently been nothing but ROTTEN when it comes to customer service.

They’re friendly enough on the phone and are great at making promises, but that’s where it ends . . . promise delivery seldom happens.

This is an amazing phenomenon to see unfold week after week as a steady stream of stories show up in forums and on facebook from people who are SO frustrated with their experiences with Comcast.

Oh my!

Most of these stories begin with “I couldn’t get it to work myself after hours of “troubleshooting” with Comcast Service Representatives on the phone, so they had to schedule a service technician to come to the house to fix what’s broken.”

They always give a “2 hour window” which (in my experience) means nothing because most customers end up “investing” a complete day (or more) before the technician actually materializes at the front door.

How could ANY company be SO poor at Customer Service and have such a dominant grip on the market?

The answer lies in the unfortunate truth that they have Historically maintained the best/fastest product, and without another as good or better alternative, we little people deal with the customer abuse when we must and enjoy the product when it’s working properly.

Here’s where the FIBER comes into play.

Google Fiber is a better product . . . and they are coming to NASHVILLE!

Faster . . . Better for our mental health . . . great competition for the current behemoths (Comcast AT&T).

As they establish service throughout Middle Tennessee, Comcast & AT&T will likely lose customers in droves.

My only lingering question then:

Will Google stop caring eventually also?

What about YOUR business?

Why are your clients/customers choosing to use your services?

How would your business fare if/when a “GOOGLE in your industry” suddenly showed up in your market?

These are the kinds of things we think about with regularity here at Pareto Realty

“Relevance” of our service to Home Buyers and Sellers . . . and to our agent members.

When you’re in the mood for a move, connect with us.

We’re “The Vital Few” . . . The “GOOGLE of the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Industry,” and we’re just chompin’ at the bit to work with ya!

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