Monday Morning Coffee – Wait until it’s an EMERGENCY!

I’m not certain why this phenomenon seems to be embedded in Human DNA, but it is.

We all have this innate propensity to delay/procrastinate attending to “it” until “it” becomes an EMERGENCY large enough and LOUD enough to COMMAND our attention.

Of course, some folks have learned how to regulate this pesky drama creator . . . while others seem to scramble around in sheer panic most of their waking hours (with nightmares while asleep) wondering why it seems that the faster they go, the behinder they get.

In every day life, this manifests in the form of the teens piddling (and primping) in the mornings until 5 minutes before having to leave for school . . . at which point, they’re found frantically finishing their homework and feverishly trying to get the printer to PRINT.

Electronic equipment is designed NOT to work when you’re in an EMERGENCY situation.

Invariably in the aftermath of said EMERGENCY, the question is asked:

“Did you know all along that this needed to be done before leaving for school?”

A meek “yes” is the response.

Sometimes, the procrastinator’s EMERGENCY becomes everyone ELSE’s problem out of sheer frustration . . . Do we rise to the occasion and help?

or . . . Do we busy ourselves with something else in hopes that Ms Procrastinator will learn from her failure to do “it” until it becomes an EMERGENCY.

We do this in our work lives also.

Deadlines are not designed to create panic . . . but they often do. If you delay action until just before the deadline – EVERY TIME – You’re cruising for hypertension and hospitalization (a “scaling up” of the EMERGENCY at hand).

One of my favorite quips in my work as a Real Estate Sales Professional is:

“There’s NO such thing as a Real Estate EMERGENCY!”

and I truly believe there isn’t . . . Other than natural disasters, they only happen when one (or more) of the parties “Drop Balls” AKA Procrastinate.

As I practice my Business, I very intentional focus on prioritizing everything that needs to be done so as not to be caught in this treacherous web.

Checklists and well-defined processes help keep things fluid fro start to finish.

and “Time Blocking” ensures that there’s time allocated  in each day for doing all of the things that MATTER.

Finally – DELEGATE (or outsource) as many of the things I don’t enjoy doing, because I KNOW that my “Procrastination Tendencies” will REALLY kick in for those tasks.

Thereby creating a completely unnecessary EMERGENCY!

Be careful out there 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

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