Monday Morning Coffee – Veterans Day – What Do YOU Stand for?

As a Veteran, Veterans Day brings a rush of memories from my own days of service and myriad thoughts about all of the brave Soldiers who have EVER served in the Armed forces of the United States of America.

Of course in times of war, there are many other people who served in different (civilian) capacities that were critical to the mission of the soldiers they served. These people made weapons, ammunition, clothes, supplies, food . . . and dreamed of better ways to make things (research and Development) and deliver things (Logistics).

These people are also FAMILY members of the soldiers – Spouses who stayed home and cared for children and extended family . . . and contributed with lots of prayer.

I have a deep respect for ALL of the people aforementioned – Service members and those who supported the service members because I know that we Americans would not be enjoying the freedoms we have had the privilege of enjoying these past 235ish years if it were not for the valiant commitment of these heroes.

The reality is that the number of people in our country who have served in the armed forces is minuscule compared to the total population . . . and the number of soldiers who have served and actually engaged in combat is even fewer . . . yet EVERY Service Man/Woman – in EVERY day of service faced the very real possibility of being mobilized somewhere “HOT.”

While serving, these soldiers awakened EVERY morning aware that TODAY could be the day that mobilization orders might show up to ship out virtually anywhere in the world . . . and then went about the business of doing their job of training and preparing for that call to action.

What keeps all these brave soldiers motivated?

esprit de corps is this capacity of a group’s members to maintain belief in the importance of the primary Mission – Serve and Protect our country . . .

Morale, Willpower, Obedience, Discipline, and HONOR are the essential ingredients.

In my 12 years of service, I never lost faith in the people with whom I served. We all relied on each other when things went bonkers . . . we all KNEW our specific jobs on and off the battlefield . . . and we all took great pride in the importance of our collective duty to serve and protect.

So . . . YES!

BRAVO to ALL Veterans and all people who supported those veterans all these years . . . and KUDOS to those who are currently serving.

esprit de corps isn’t just for soldiers . . . 

What do YOU stand for?

Who stands WITH you?

What obstacles and hardship will you face?

Could any of this be worse than the real prospect of facing live COMBAT?

What’s keeping you from LAUNCHING?


Hug a Veteran Today . . . even if it’s a crusty old leatherneck . . . You’ll see tears 🙂

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