Monday Morning Coffee – The “Right People” are right in front of you.

Happy New Year!

Did you ring it in RIGHT?

and are you ready to make this the BEST year EVER?

Have you made your resolution(s)?

Have you already violated any of them?

How ’bout this one: “I resolve to hang with ONLY the RIGHT people in my personal and professional life!”

How often in you personal and/or business life do you find yourself expending gobs of time, energy, and money attempting to please the wrong people?

Must we please all of the people all of the time?

or . . .

Is it OK to make an intentional choice NOT to please everyone?

I read a recent business example from What Matters Now: “Costco wins customers by losing customers. Its membership model shuns consumers not willing to pay the membership fee. Its broad but shallow merchandise mix turns off consumers wanting more choices. Costco makes deliberate sacrifices in exchange for lower prices.” John Moore

(What Matters Now is a free e-book edited by Seth Godin – Grab yourself a copy by clicking the link – and if you’re so inclined, join us at Panera Bread in the Mall at Green Hills @ 10 AM Thursday 1/6 for our first monthly Book Club).

This isn’t about intentionally excluding people from your life. It’s about intentionally moving towards and paying the right attention (INCLUDING) to the RIGHT people in your life.

Play with people who are on your team and play well with you.

Worry less about the ones whose wishes are not in alignment with your way of doing things.

The happier you’ll be 🙂

I’m just sayin’



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