Monday Morning Coffee – The Psychology of Water

Yes . . . there IS a psychology of water

and bugs

and Electricity

and plants

and just about anything you can see, smell, feel, hear, taste . . .

When we want to know how something works or why it behaves as it behaves because it’s not working as WE would like, we might do best to consider the psychology of it.

Water has a mind of its own . . . the only thing we know for sure is that it will flow along the path of least resistance and follows only one law . . . the law of gravity.

The only people I know who know how to deal with water-related issues in and around houses are specialists . . . they speak “Water” . . . “Water Whisperers”

These are VERY important people in my world of selling houses because more than 1/2 of the issues that surface during home inspections have to do with the flow of water and management thereof.

Have you ever wondered why Pest Control Experts do what they do?


Why would ANYONE want to crawl around in crawl spaces and attics just to kill BUGS?

I found the answer when my favorite termite inspector and I spent a couple of hours together ‘talking shop” . . . I learned some things about bugs that you wouldn’t BELIEVE.

Each bug has its own very unique and intricate psychological make-up.

Ants, bees, cockroaches, lady bugs, snakes, moles . . . They’re all PESTS to us mortals . . . but to a Pest exterminator, they are “Subjects” of a career long psychological study. Some behave differently as the barometric pressure changes . . . or humidity . . . or fertility cycles . . .

Thank God for these bug specialists because they UNDERSTAND these pests at a core level and can make them go away from our houses (sometimes training them to infest our neighbors instead).

Same goes for Electricians and horticulturalists . . .

and Real Estate Sales Professionals 🙂

There’s a real psychology of real estate transactions . . . and I’m a certifiable “real estate transaction whisperer.”

You, too, are a whisperer!

Without question, YOU know the psychology or your work better than anyone else on the planet . . . which makes you infinitely valuable to the people you serve.

Thank you being an expert in your field.

PS . . . Please let me know your specialty so I can refer the right people to you . . . and remember that I stand ready as your resource for ALL things real estate.


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