Monday Morning Coffee – The Process Matters Immensely

When you’re “in the market” for – well – ANYTHING, your first question is likely: “How?”

I’ve heard the product is cool, but I have MANY questions.

  • How does this work?
  • How is this better than that?
  • How do I buy it?
  • What peripheral purchases lurk in the shadows?
  • Do you have a PROCESS to help get from here to happily owning and using that thing you’re selling?

About a year ago, I heard of the coolest home stereo concept. This is a wireless system that claims it can put different music in every room of the house with high quality sound . . . or the same music everywhere . . . or any combination as desired by the user . . . and all of it is controlled by a simple to use smartphone app.


Why has it taken me a year to figure out how to buy this system?

They’ve got a cool website, but it doesn’t do a good job of splainin’ their product.

It also doesn’t do a good job of telling HOW or WHERE to see it in action and BUY.

My motivation hasn’t been high enough through the past year to exert the necessary extra attention to finding answers to these questions until now.

Sadly, had I known how easy and cool it is, I would have bought a year ago instead of now.

I wonder how many other people like and want the concept, but have similar unanswered questions.

Saturday, I got lucky by figuring out that BestBuy carries SONOS, so I went over there to take a look. I wandered around in that gargantuan store for @ 15 minutes without seeing any sign of SONOS and almost left but decided to ask an employee who led me to an 5 foot display section that had nothing more than 3 speakers, a Sound bar for a TV, and a sub-woofer – with a large sign “SONOS”

I asked the employee how it works . . . He said: “You buy the speakers and put them in different rooms and they can all play different or the same music and you can control it all from your cell phone.”

I asked: “Where is the receiver and amplifier?”

He looked at me like I had 2 heads  . . . Shook his head and disappeared for a few minutes . . . returning with another employee wearing a “Magnolia Room” shirt.

In 90 seconds, I was able to extract my answers from new guy (wasn’t easy), and I learned that Receiver and Amplifier are not necessary . . . because each speaker streams the music from the home WIFI . . . The whole thing runs on the internet.


It only took me 12 months to get this far.

I’ve changed my approach to buying new things. My first question is:

What’s your process?

If what I get as a response is a blank gaze, I’m moving on.

In my practice of selling Houses, the most critical component is making sure that each of my clients has a clear understand of the PROCESS from the beginning.

I then execute/orchestrate that process as smoothly resulting in a closing with smiles all around.

The “smooth” part of this scenario is only possible when the client has a clear understanding that there IS a process and full faith that I am properly equipped to guide them through it and keep them safe.

How does this apply to YOUR work?

Isn’t everything better when your customers understand your process and know what to expect?

They’re certainly much less cranky and irritable.

When you’re in the mood for a move, connect with me . . . We’ll keep it     S M O O T H

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