Monday Morning Coffee – The Pendulum is swinging

That pendulum is ALWAYS swinging.

swings one way, and the sun is shining . . . all is well!

swings back the other direction . . . cloudy weather.

In the real estate market, that pendulum took a WIDE swing for a relatively long period of stormy weather for Home Sellers . . .

During this period Home Buyers, enjoyed having it THEIR way in most every negotiation.

Methinks this pendulum . . . it’s a’swingin’ back t’other direction here in Middle TN.

Home Sellers have new “Swagger” we haven’t seen in a while. They’re pushing the envelope with pricing and are holding more firm in negotiations.

For some Buyers, this is eerily frightening . . . For others it’s just frustrating.

The reversal of this pendulum swing has a lot to do with dwindling inventory – Many of the houses that appear to be available aren’t . . . they are under contract with a contingency (Financing or inspection).

So . . . What this means is that as long as this pendulum continues to swing “back” Buyers are losing ground and sellers are gaining ground.

This is a FANTASTIC time to sell a house that doesn’t quite “fit” your lifestyle any more and BUY one that does.

Here’s the catch – Once the pendulum reverses its swing, it gains speed and momentum as it swings the other way . . . Next thing ya know . . . it’s a SELLER’s market.

This pendulum swing happens in all businesses and all relationships.

Some folks make it a game and try to “time the pendulum swings” . . . These are the folks who win BIG or lose BIG.

It’s those folks who stay tuned to what matters in their lives who have PATIENCE and restraint from impulsive reactive buying or selling who win in the long run because they end end up getting more of what they want even if it’s not at the lowest price.

If you’re going to do it, do it because it’s the best move for YOU NOW . . . not because of the silly pendulum.



Published by Barry Owen

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