Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Things

When people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff!“, they’re generally referencing obsessive compulsive distraction by pesky issues . . . When something someone says rubs you the wrong way or has a quirk or mannerism that bugs you, and you allow it to consume your attention to the point at which you lose focus on things that REALLY matter.

Then . . . there are “The Little Things” that show up out of the blue . . .

  • An unexpected hug
  • A “Thinking about you” call
  • A hand-written note
  • A Cold drink offered on a HOT day
  • Taking time to simply BE with someone
  • A simple “THANK YOU!” for something normal

Small/little things can certainly be powerful.

Androcles removed a thorn from the lion’s paw – thereby saving his own life.

A Mouse and an Elephant – A little (Somewhat morbid) African Fable with a BIG lesson.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

The best laid plans can implode because of minute, missed details.

My favorite gifts are the “thoughtful” ones – Hand-crafted by the giver . . . or meaningful keepsakes that represent important happenings and relationships.

I say all of this the day after Father’s Day during which I had the good fortune of being spoiled rotten by our 3 children and my wife Debbie. It was a fabulous day of togetherness in my favorite place (outdoors) – Fabulous, Home cooked Breakfast – a treasure hunt for turtles through the neighborhood –  a custom decorated foot-stool –  a visit to the Zoo to play with the Gibbons, Exotic birds, Elephants, and Giraffes – A swim at the pool – Lazy afternoon – and delicious steak dinner . . .

The best thing about the day was a little thing that’s priceless . . . A full day of celebration with my family 🙂

Take some of the pressure off yourself and pay more attention to the little things – The big stuff will suddenly become less daunting.

Just sayin’

What little things make BIG differences in your life?



A HUGE focus of Pareto Realty’s model and philosophy is on “The Vital Few” . . . The very small percentage of things (20%) that MATTER with respect to making a difference.

These are the things we think about as we orchestrate Real Estate Transactions with our Home Buying and selling Clients.




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