Monday Morning Coffee – The Heat is ON!

Good Morning!

We are almost at mid-year!

Today is 1/2 Christmas 🙂

About to enter the 3rd Quarter . . .

“Summer Break” is @ 1/2 over . . .

and the temperature outside this week will exceed 95 degrees most days

This is a great time to assess how things are going in 2012 . . . and what it’s going to look like going forward.

I don’t think I’m off target with the “HOT” analogy 🙂

Nashville is HOT!

  • Our Economy is cruising along swimmingly, and we are consistently showing up in the media as being one of the TOP cities in the country in virtually every measurable category. A strong job market, Increase in tourism, and surge in Commercial Development (Convention Center, Hotels Etc) continue to fuel our “Hotness.”
  • Real Estate Sales are hitting the record books in 2012. Of course, we still see plenty of distressed sales (Short Sales and Foreclosures) but overall sales have jumped to 5 year highs in virtually every segment of the market. Some areas are experiencing shortage of inventory and strong Buyer demand . . . Which means Rising Prices/Values – YAY! 
  • Nashville’s sense of Community (Still a “Small Town Feel”) is fueling (and is fueled by) all of this fantastic news. Our people are just as friendly and resilient as ever. Neighbors are taking care of neighbors when bad things happen (The Flood of 2010). City parks and Greenways are multiplying. Developers and City Planners are focusing on finding ways to improve areas which need improving (Destitute Sections of the city, Metro Schools, Public Safety) . . . and the good news is that they are making progress on ALL fronts.
  • Nashville’s Spirit never even contemplated giving in to the “Recession/Depression” threat . . . We simply continued to do what we do with consistent persistence. As a city, we held on to our innate, Southern conservative demeanor and made no rash or impulsive knee-jerk reactive fumbles. New initiatives continued to surface even in the thickest heat of the economic turmoil. One of those initiatives was my founding of Pareto Realty September 14, 2010. 🙂

Pareto Realty is HOT!

  • The Vital Few Vision was right on time. We had witnessed a tumultuous Real Estate environment for Real Estate Sales Professionals and Home Buyers and sellers as the National economy embarked on it’s precipitous slide. We noted the need for an ANCHOR . . . Something SOLID onto which folks could grab. Our focus would be (and still is) on NICHE EXCELLENCE as we develop a current, relevant business model which allows our associates to specialize (not generalize) their real estate sales practices . . . and offers our clients the benefit of being served by LOCAL area specialists. We have made a commitment to being “The Vital Few” (the 20% of the 80/20 Principle) – Not the 80% “Trivial Many”
  • Services – A a Real Estate Sales and Consulting firm, we pledged from the beginning to be agile and responsive to Market Demands. As we add Real Estate Professionals to our team, we grow our geographic service area – a new specialist in each sub-market of Nashville. We also shift and improve our model to add emerging service needs. In 2012, Property Management (Leasing houses/condos) and helping Investors develop portfolios of properties have been 2 new areas of focus.
  • Growth – We started small . . . and still are relatively small. We’ve had a few “opportunities” to grow FASTER but each of them would have necessitated compromise of our Vision Model. We just couldn’t justify “selling out” for faster growth and have stayed with our commitment of NICHE EXCELLENCE. As we look into the second 1/2 of 2012, we see a high probability of finding a “Tipping Point” as many of the projects that have been cooking are reaching boiling points. You’ll know when we get “There” because we have a fresh new Brand Image we’ll roll out 🙂
  • Our Team – is like family. This is a fine group of high-minded, purpose-driven folks whose commitment is to service.

A few Real Estate Tips for the 2nd 1/2 of 2012:

  • If you have a mortgage on your current home and your interest rates exceed 4.5%, you might serve yourself quite well to consider a re-finance – You’ll save a TON of money.
  • If you’ve even had a fleeting thought of making a move in the past 5 years and haven’t because you thought the risk was too high, NOW is the time to rekindle that feeling. I truly believe that the Mortgage and Purchase environment is as close to “Best” as it could be . . . This is an OPTIMAL time to BUY a house
  • Have you been waiting to SELL your house? Stop waiting! Take action now! You’ll get a fair price and will be in a great position to improve your quality of life by moving into a “more appropriate” home.
  • If you’ve ever considered buying and keeping (or flipping) an investment property . . . WOW! THESE fields are as fertile as I seen in my 20 years of Selling Real Estate.
As you know by reading all of the above (If you’ve made it this far), I am VERY optimistic about what’s happening NOW in 2012. I stand poised and ready to help YOU capitalize on this “sweet spot” in Nashville’s Real Estate Market.

“Make hay while the sun is shining!”

The sun is SHINING in NASHVILLE and it’s HOT!

Pareto Realty is here to support your hay-making adventure.


What’s YOUR assessment of 2012 so far?

and going forward?



PS – I have NO idea about what things will look like going into 2013. My crystal ball is cloudy after November . . . One thing I can assure you is that Nashville will continue to prosper 🙂


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