Monday Morning Coffee – The Bluff . . .

Good Morning!

I hope your week is off to a good start.

Have you ever watched the Poker championships on TV?

I don’t make a habit of watching them mostly because I’m not a poker player and don’t understand the rules, but . . .

There’s a LOT to be learned there with respect to bluffing . . .

Those guys have nerves of steel – Like the one I saw who had “NOTHING” but went “ALL IN” with @ $800,000 . . .

He won the hand!

Like it or not, we ALL negotiate “deals” and practice the fine art of bluffing on a regular basis.

Our children exercise us the most . . . They push every button they can find and have some of the MOST creative bluffs often beginning with something like:

“WELL – MOM said . . . “

“If YOU don’t __________, YOU are going to be in BIG trouble!!!!!

In the adult world, the bluff is the same animal but with a different diet.

In real estate deals, it’s often:

“If your client is not willing to accept these terms, my buyer is taking a hike!


“You better hurry up and make an offer . . . a HIGH offer . . . because there is a whole line of Buyers taking second looks today, and they are ALL going to bring offers. Bring us something NOW so we won’t have to deal with multiple offers.”

We’re all professional bluffers at SOMETHING, right?

Every day, I see more and more reason to leave calling bluffs to the professionals. There’s NO WAY I would sit at that table of poker players and practice my bluffing on them. I’d be lucky to leave the room with a dime.

I can say, though, when it comes to representing the best interests of my home Buying and Selling clients, I strut like a peacock with confidence.

so . . . Do what you’re good at doing, and bluff in familiar territory . . .

Hire an expert when in the wilderness.

Bluffing will never replace experience . . . EVER!

Hope it’s a great and FUN week!



PS . . . Don’t forget to contact me if you hear of anyone thinking about buying or selling real estate 🙂

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