Monday Morning Coffee – Stepping IN? (or OUT?)

Which is it?

When you are considering a new opportunity, and you feel those butterflies flitting around in your stomach, is the trepidation due to discomfort around the notion of leaving where you are now? . . . or is it a twinge of fear because of the uncertainty that comes with the new way.

You know that once you step out of where you are now, there may not be any possibility of coming back.

Into what are you stepping?

Is it more . . . or less?

If less, what’s the potential?

Will you take a cut in pay for a new life experience that will more than reward you (if it pans out)?

What if . . . ? (You do it it – or don’t)

In this whole quagmire of choices and emotions, I always lean towards forward motion and ACTION.

When opportunity knocks, ANSWER and step IN!

Sure, it could bomb but if you don’t take the leap you’ll never know . . . and life will stay as is. Is that what you want?

This post comes from a conversation I heard today between 2 complete strangers – 1 had been offered a “Temporary Position” with a dream job which could lead to an “IN” into an organization with unlimited potential . . . VS . . . staying in her secure full time job.

Tough choices for sure for the rational person.

For me, not so much.

Follow your heart

Tell the truth

Show up

Be present

Step IN!




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