Monday Morning Coffee – So many moving parts


We humans have done it . . . We’re all BUSY!

We’ve finally been able to create enough moving parts and complexity we can go virtually anywhere in the world and never leave the office.

We got what we asked for – “Life in the fast lane

As we add more moving parts, are we enhancing our lives?

Is each day more fulfilling than the day before?

Some want to simplify.

Many People and Organizations are turning off some of the complexity and seeking ways to replace it with human touch and focus on LOCAL.

In my industry (Real Estate Sales), the last 15 years have been ALL about driving business through the internet. The race was ON to see who could eat the most bandwidth and hoard the most “exposure” in order to generate MORE business to fuel the cost of keeping the marketing machine chugging along.

Then . . . people started getting greedy and began figuring ways to earn money off of other people’s businesses.

Don’t believe me?

Google ANYTHING you want to buy, and you’ll get countless links from myriad companies . . . You’ll have to dig DEEP into the pile before you can find the “Official Website” for the company that makes the widget you seek.

Same thing’s happening with real estate . . . and our “on-line widget” is the data for real estate listings (houses for sale) . . . The prize for these marketers is Home Buyer and Seller LEADS (Prospects) . . . and these companies are selling these leads to any REALTOR who will pay for them.

My problem with this whole shebang is that the person who is losing in this arrangement is the CONSUMER. The real estate professional MOST qualified to serve a home buyer or is the Broker ON THE GROUND in the neighborhood of choice . . . Just because an agent can buy the lead doesn’t qualify that person as a “Local Expert” (Regardless of what they claim on their website).

So . . . many companies and professionals are re-thinking their use of the internet and are returning to face-to-face, belly-to-belly HUMAN interaction . . . We’re shrinking back to LOCAL.

The value of the internet is morphing every day and seems to be moving towards being an “information & communication super highway” . . . It’s a great place to find a quick definition and communicate with people in interesting ways.

When it comes to serving your needs as a customer (for service industry), much of the trust in internet exchange is deteriorating . . .

It’s time to go LOCAL!

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t put in a plug for my new Real Estate Sales Firm Pareto Realty here in Middle Tennessee .  When I founded Pareto Realty in September of 2010, my fundamental focus was on “Locally owned and Operated” . . . and “The Vital few” . . . and my “BIG IDEA” was (and still is) to create firm comprised of Real Estate SPECIALISTS throughout Middle Tennessee.

Each of our associates specializes in an area and/or type of property and works and lives on the ground in that area – KNOWS and is embedded in the local community – and is a vast RESOURCE for all things in that community.

So . . . If you hear of anyone out there considering a move, give me a shout – I’m betting we have someone on our team who would be the quintessential professional to serve them impeccably.

Hope you’re having a relaxing day off (President’s Day) . . . and apologize for the lengthy email (which I intended to be short today but got carried away) 🙂




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