Monday Morning Coffee – Snowmageddon 2 – and Gridlock

Snowmaggedon2 hit Nashville (and most of the Southeast) yesterday morning.

The forecasters got this one right, and there seems to have been minimal unexpected drama for most folks. The message for the past few days has been a consistent “Don’t plan anything important for Thursday – Just expect to stay home.”

When I woke up at 5 AM, sleet had covered the roads . . . @ 6 AM, that sleet morphed into @ 3 hours of absolutely beautiful SNOW (which we seldom see in these parts).

For sure, EVERYONE stayed home. Nashville was eerily quiet until mid-day. Interestingly, many of the roads cleared relatively quickly, and we were able to get out and do some work after which we spent an hour on the sledding hill.

Last night, the temperatures fell to single single digits, and anything that had thawed  FROZE into a stealthy “black ice sheen.”

We got lucky this time and avoided the usual GRIDLOCK that ensues when snow and ice blanket Nashville primarily due to the timing of it. Our residents had plenty of notice and most were not away from home when the frozen precipitation began to fall.

Preparation in advance any significant “event” tends to defuse most issues that might surface.

I see this same dynamic playing out in a variety of “Challenges” here in Nashville . . . Traffic . . . The Economy and Real Estate Market . . . and our schools . . . and it seems that THIS week is the week I decided to write blog posts addressing each of these scenarios.

For sure, they are ALL correctable GRIDLOCK which I hope some of our Mayoral Candidates will read and consider 🙂

Barry’s Gridlock Fix for Nashville

This article spells out my own “Fix” for the traffic woes which continue to worsen with every passing day.

Yes! The BIG Shift Happened

Listen to the news, and you’ll hear all peaches and cream as economists and Real estate pundits brag on Nashville’s stunning market . . . but the truth is our market is in GRIDLOCK with not enough inventory and too many buyers . . . NOT Healthy!

Nashville Schools – Tale of 2 Cities?

I offer a common sense argument to focus on hyper-local COMMUNITIES beginning with putting the SCHOOLS in the HUB of each community and filling those schools with students who live nearby.

I hope you’ve had a great week and have experienced minimal GRIDLOCK this week.

Of course, If you’re anywhere in Middle Tennessee and are contemplating a move, connect with us at Pareto Realty, We’re poised and ready to serve you.

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