Monday Morning Coffee – Sand Writing Wisdom

Good Monday to ya!

Seems I’m just now getting settled in enough to write this week’s “coffee” (@ Noon) which is par for the course following a 5 day trip to the beach. 🙂

I hope you had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving . . . one that provided a fresh batch of newly minted memories.

We Owens escaped the grind and headed down to (frigid) Florida to do not much more than gaze at the ocean, eat, drink, and celebrate each other and all that for which we are thankful.

Daughter Allison went missing for a short time while we were on the Beach at Fort Pickens . . . When I found her, she was putting the finishing touches on this: sand wisdom2

1. “Keys to Life”

2. Happiness

3. Love

4. Family and Friends

I think that might be all the wisdom we need this week.


Of course, I can’t in good conscience end this post without some reference to Real Estate in Middle Tennessee.

Our market did what it always does this time of year . . . quieted down a bit.

This year is different than most because properties are still selling nearly as quickly as they’re going on the market. I have sold real estate in some CRAZY markets which sometimes lead to “Hyper-Inflation” and tend to create “bubbles” . . . but that’s not what this market feels like . . . The pace is more deliberate.

There are no guarantees, and generally speaking transactions are more complicated when it comes to getting to the closing table. Lenders are being VERY careful and are requiring loads of documentation from the borrowers (Sometimes causing last minute delays).

This environment requires us REALTORS to REALLY be on our toes throughout the transaction – dotting EVERY “i” and crossing EVERY “t” . . . making lists and checking them twice . . . and putting on our “Creativity Hats” as we troubleshoot emergent issues.

At no time in my 20 years as a real estate sales professional, have I been as proud of the REALTORS in our market as I am now . . . Nashville is very lucky to have such a hard-working and committed corps of professionals serving Home, Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, and Landlords.

I and the “Vital Few” agents at Pareto Realty are doing more than our fair share when it comes to keeping this market moving.

NOW is a FABULOUS time to BUY and/or SELL a house . . . So . . .

I hope you’ll connect with me if you or anyone you know has even a twitch of interest in making a move any time in the future . . . It’s NEVER too early to start the process.

Now that you’ve read the state of the real estate market . . . scroll back up to Allisons “Sand Wisdom” and be Thankful!

Be Nice!



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