Monday Morning Coffee – Reticular Activator, Meese & Muffins, Halloween, Real Estate

Good Monday Morning!

If you’re a banker, you’re off today while most of the rest of us are working feverishly to move forward ūüôā

Hope I didn’t scare you with the title. How can “Reticular Activator, Meese & Muffins, Halloween, & Real Estate” all be glued together to create any kind of coherent message?

I’m not sure myself, but I’ve got a nice, strong cup of coffee to help me through it all.

Halloween is coming soon, and the weather is beautiful, so the Owens have been making a very concerted effort to the best out of it. Deb has spearheaded the project and has been instrumental in getting the rest of us to wander from our “comfort zones” and explore the unknown.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin explains the very essence of all of this in this ADD/ADHD world as we approach the holiday seasons (and for many of us as we meander through life and careers). Generally speaking, one thing leads to another which leads to another which leads to another . . . Following one whim after another with no apparent rhyme or reason . . . ending back at the beginning.

Meese (My plural of Moose) and Muffins . . . How do they apply in your life?

Enter the notion of The Reticular Activating System 

  • mediates transitions from relaxed wakefulness to periods of high¬†attention. (Wiki)
  • a part of the brain the stays on alert. It’s job is to make you notice some things and ignore other things (if you noticed¬†everything, you’d be too distracted to function). ¬†(
We all have this system, and we activate it when we decide to do – well – anything from going to a movie to buying a house. In essence, this system in your brain filters out all of the NOISE around you and creates this “High Attention” that leads you down the path FORWARD.
Debbie activated our reticular activators simply by suggesting that we “take the weekend OFF from the same ole routine and getting OUT to do some Halloween stuff.”
Next thing ya know, plans start forming РDeb had brought home a copy of the most recent Nashville Parent Magazine and suggested that Jessica find a Haunted House for Friday . . . She did . . . a FANTASTIC one РHaunted Nashville РQuite frightful РNot blood and gore . . . just FRIGHTFUL.
Sunday morning, thoughts wandered to heading to a pumpkin patch . . . Back to the Nashville Parent Magazine . . .
The Reticular Activating System took us DIRECTLY to Owen Farm РHow could we not go to farm with OUR name?
Perhaps they would give us a “Family Discount?” (They didn’t) . . .
OH! What a GREAT choice that was. There was something for everyone including a cool zip line “Powered by Adventure Works“, a VERY cool pumpkin cannon, all the appropriate farm animals (Pigs, goats, emu, donkeys, sheep, chickens), kid games and rides and a beautiful setting. In Chapmansboro @ 35 minute drive from Nashville near Ashland City.
So trust your reticular activator and let it do its job to transition you from relaxed wakefulness to periods of high attention.
Oh yeah!
The Real Estate part . . .
If you find yourself feeling a little unsettled about your current house . . .
have started noticing real estate signs in yards . . .
have found yourself meandering through neighborhoods you can see yourself living in one day . . .
This is your Reticular Activator nudging you – LISTEN!
Take action by contacting Pareto Realty. It’s never too early to start this process of Buying and/or selling a home.
We are poised and ready to guide you through the process and there are myriad reasons to do this NOW! 
Hoping you have a great week playing with your new “toy” (Your Reticular Activator)
Just sayin’

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