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Good morning!
The weatherman was right . . . It snowed while we slept, and it’s absolutely beautiful out there.
Of course, this is a large media event and I was especially amused at the reports of milk and bread being sold out at the grocery stores . . . . Complete with pictures from folks’ cell phones.
I thought about places where a large snowfall is measured in feet and not inches . . . and where people would be “snow-bound” for days and weeks and would have to be prepared for long periods of time between grocery visits.
A “state of emergency” was declared by the officials at some point last night before the snow started falling.
I DO understand the gravity of any level of snow and the extended period of cold that comes with it and how this affects many people whose livelihood (or sheer existence) relies on more temperate conditions.
None of us can control the weather. ALL of us CAN control how we deal with it.
We dress differently in cold weather by adding more layers.
We adjust our calendars so as to be able to avoid driving while the roads are treacherous.
We certainly understand the importance of being prepared with the proper “necessaries” (Thus the flocking to the grocery stores and the depletion of sleds and snow shovels from the store shelves at first word of inclement weather forecast).
Most of us innately “get” the importance of being well positioned to RESPOND to a weather event rather than going through life with blinders and putting ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to REACT when there’s a shift in the weather.
It’s those folks who live by reaction who experience the most difficulty when there’s an unexpected change in the weather.
Shift gears a bit . . . What about the “Economic Weather environment”? We have all experienced varying levels of discomfort when that economic monsoon hit us a few years ago, and many folks would say that NO ONE could have been prepared for such a calamitous occurrence.
Yet – there were plenty of folks who were able to batten down their hatches and persevere through it. Sure, they had to change their ways – Spend less money – tighten the belts – Focus more intently on their 20% and shift their strategies such that they would be able to continue to keep food on the table.
The formula of success always boiled down to a few simple concepts.
Be a good boy scout and “Be Prepared!”
and CPR
  • C – Cut expenses – Spend less and practice thrift
  • P – Produce more efficiently . . . Focus on your PERSONAL productivity and do more of what generates income (20%) and less of the other stuff (80%)
  • R – Re-invent yourself and your business. Retool everything you do to adjust your way – Innovate and recreate your business to respond to the “threat” 
So . . . This brings me to a blog post I wrote yesterday and would have copied into this message had it not snowed last night . . . That would have created a MUCH longer Monday Morning Coffee than usual. I hope you’ll click the link and read these thoughts as they are a necessary part of my personal CPR response to the economic climate shift (and perhaps yours).
(This is when you go get yourself another cup of coffee)
Life must go on regardless of the weather . . . and I believe that properly prepared folks who understand the fundamentals of CPR are the ones who THRIVE when the going gets tough. It’s during those times that the potential is greatest for gains.
I’m a believer that NOW could quite possibly be the “sweet spot” for Selling and/or Buying a house.
Without further ado (Click this link):
When the economic weather was at its worst, I decided to develop and open a brand spankin’ new Real Estate Firm – Pareto Realty, LLC. This is an innovative concept geared to serve performance oriented REALTORS who understand what it takes to meet Buyer and Sellers where they are and serve them impeccably.
Why “Pareto”?
Vilfredo Pareto was the Italian Economist who is credited with the 20/80 Principle which simply states that 20% of the people typically produce 80% of the results . . . 20% of your actions derive 80% of your productions . . . the 20% are “The Vital Few” . . . and the 80% are “The Trivial Many”
Which are you, and where is your focus?
Deb and I practice these principles in our own real estate sales practice and hope you will think of us when you hear of any folks out there considering a move.
I hope you find time today to PLAY in the snow . . . make a few snow angels . . . Sled a few hills . . . and then come inside for a mug of hot chocolate 🙂
I’m just sayin’

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