Monday Morning Coffee – Regulatory Compliance

Good Morning!

I got a call from the Tennessee Real Estate Commission late Friday afternoon to notify me that they would like to come for an inspection of the Pareto Realty files.

My first thought was: “UGH!

I had all weekend to think about it, fret about, develop conspiracy theories and WORRY about all of the horrible things that could happen.

Several times, I squelched the urge to spend hours in the office “Tightening Up” the files to “Prepare” for the inspection.

When I arrived in the office this morning, I took a tour of my files and found them to be excellent shape because I HAVE been very compliant and meticulous crossing T’s and dotting I’s with every closed file before retiring them to the cabinet . . . and my Financial accounts (especially Escrow) are all reconciled and in good order.

What was all the fretting about?

I’ve been playing by the rules all along, so there’s no need to “Cram for the test.”

I’m breathing now . . . No more tightness in my chest . . . and ready!

This made me think about¬†“Regulatory compliance¬†(adherence to standards, regulations, and other requirements” (Wiki)) and how it affects all people.

The rule makers make the rules.

Those who choose to play the game must play by these rules.

Some folks wander astray (Break the rules) . . . Resulting in more rules or consequences.

The rule makers react by increasing regulatory enforcement.

Random, SURPRISE, Compliance Reviews/Inspections start happening.

The authorities use surprise as their tool to be sure that the players are playing by the rules ALL the time instead of only those time they know they are being watched.

This dynamic creates jobs because the rule makers hire more Inspectors and enforcers and the players hire more employees to work on keeping the operation in compliance.

This is one of the reasons many businesses fail . . . the cost of staying in compliance (Additional non-dollar-productive-employees and Legal counsel fees) eats profit restricting the possibility of focusing on things that matter WRT to building and sustaining the organization.

Things like Product Development.

Hiring new talent.

Streamlining Service processes.


We can complain all we want . . . and put energy towards the push me-pull you political quagmire this creates (As the players struggle against the authorities’ rules . . . and the authorities struggle to keep the players in compliance) . . . BUT

Think about it!

As long as you’ve been playing games, there have ALWAYS been rules and consequences for breaking them.

If you don’t like the rules of the game you’re playing, use your 2 feet and find a game that aligns more with your thinking.

This is a magical life secret . . . we ALWAYS have CHOICE!

Live your dream!




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