Monday Morning Coffee – Quirks

Good Monday to ya!

It seems we’re into the Summer weather pattern of roving afternoon Thunderstorms . . . and the occasional rogue cloud (Like yesterday morning @ 6 AM).

The weatherman can always be “Right” here in Middle Tennessee because the weather is always predictably unpredictable . . . but indubitably there will be some Sunshine, Clouds, Rain, and Thunderstorms somewhere in the “Viewing area” throughout every day . . . So . . . slap a “40-60% probability of ANYTHING happening, and odds are good they’ll be right.

We humans like predictability so we can make PLANS, and we belly-ache when we’ve based our plans on the wisdom of other people who turn out to be WRONG.

Speaking of predictability, every morning @ 8:01 I drive my car into the parking garage at the office. I drive to Level 2 and BACK the car into the same parking space on the INSIDE of the Garage. If I’m later than 8:03, my spot won’t be there necessitating a drive ALL the way UP to Level 5. Level 3 is reserved for one particular Company and is always 1/2 empty (makes me grumble, but that’s a different story).

Why “Level 2 Backed INSIDE?”

Level 2 Backed in because I can exit the garage faster when I leave . . . and Inside so that my car is better protected from what ever weather happens while I’m in the office.

I always back into a space immediately next to one of the concrete pillars so as to protect my car from door dings from other cars at least on one side.

Each “bay” in the garage has 3 spaces – 2 are next to pillars and a middle one.

Am I any more anal or OCD than anyone else?

Seems I’ve thought through every scenario and created my “routine” to account for all of them . . . I feel happy and content when the day starts as “Planned”

Last week, I came in LATE and had to drive all the way up to Level 6 where I encountered the strangest phenomenon . . . as if some alien force had arranged all of the cars in this perfect spacing pattern (like stonehenge).

Level 7 was the same . . . Here’s a photo of Level 6


EVERY car is parked in the MIDDLE space . . . Not just a couple, but EVERY ONE!

I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

As it happened, curiosity got the best of me, and I noticed my wife’s car was one of those cars, so I HAD to ask her why?

Note: All of these cars pulled in FRONTWARDS (Remember, I always BACK in for easy exit)

Debbie very matteroffactly responded that OF COURSE they all parked in the middle . . . They were all AVOIDING the pillars.

I suggested that someone like me could spoil the spacing by parking in my usual manner (next to a Pillar – backed in), to which she responded that would be fine.


At least i know that I won’t offend anyone on those levels . . . but I will NEVER understand their logic 🙂

Y’see . . . we’re ALL OC (Obsessive Compulsive) to some degree.

We’re creatures of habit.

Change makes us uncomfortable.

Do not judge others, for they nearly always have method to their madness.

What makes perfectly good sense to them may be heresy to you.

I’m a “noticer” of such quirks . . . Fascinating!

In business and in life, being respectful of each other’s quirks goes a LONG way.

Thus is the secret for success for any Real Estate Sales professional (or ANY Sales person) . . . and success for relationships of all shapes and sizes.

What quirks will you notice about yourself and others today after reading this post?

Happy Noticing!

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