Monday Morning Coffee – Paradigm Shifters and Wave Riders

These are BOLD and adventuresome folks who seem to be on a quest to MASTER something much bigger than themselves.

Other people stand by and comment on their dangerous antics and accuse them of being addicts to “Flirting with Disaster” or “Danger Junkies.”

For sure, they know danger . . . and they face it every day. Through the sheer power of will and intestinal fortitude, these pioneers forge ahead, blaze new trails, push envelops, and typically break every conventional rule in the book.

Hanging out with them is exciting and contagious . . . yet most mortals prefer to watch from afar and live vicariously through observation of these intrepid explorers antics . . . lest they get burned.

While the mass of men lead their lives of quiet desperation, the Paradigm Shifters and Wave Riders are dancing on the edges fueled by pure passion and taking responsibility by exercising their creativity and Spirit to the fullest extent.

These weirdos are “Just Doing It!”

Of course, there are varying degrees of Paradigm Shifting and Wave riding . . . Some of these explorers are near off the charts lunatics while others are just crazy enough to be different.

I’m somewhere in the middle of that range as I maneuver my way through the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Sales Market environment.

Things we REALTORS face that some might call “challenges” that lend themselves to new processes . . . some re-engineering . . . Acknowledgement that “The we’ve ALWAYS done things” is no longer working very well are:

  • Pricing Strategy for houses for sale. This is NOTHING like it was “back in the day” (pre-market-crash) when every neighborhood had ample, consistent sales which made valuation almost a mathematical computation . . . a science . . . Nowadays, proper pricing is an art form. Those who aren’t shifting their paradigm are experiencing difficulties with missing the sweet spot price and possibly leaving money on the table.
  • Marketing a house for sale is NOTHING like it was even 12 months ago. The market has taken a HUGE swing . . . and so have our marketing avenues (internet). Daily, EVERY REALTOR has wild, new, and exciting ways to market properties. Networking, Social Media, Video, Direct Mail . . . etc! Those wave riders who dare to be different are reaping rewards for their clients (Home Buyers and Sellers)
  • Preparing a house for sale continues to shift. I am testing a new strategy to give prospective Buyers some OPTIONS when buying a re-sale house. The new Buyer can (just as in a new construction purchase) make some color, flooring and fixtures selections to be completed prior to closing rather than buying a fully staged house which might not have their perfect choices. How can we make ALL house purchase more customizable  for the Buyer?
  • Real Estate firms are learning that their “customers” (Their Affiliate Brokers – Sales People) needs are now radically different than they were in the days of old. There’s more emphasis on high technology, less on need for static private office space, more on convenience of office location to the market they serve, and a desire to have comfortable and creative meeting spaces available . . . all at the lowest cost possible.

. . . and the list goes on . . .

My invitation to you!

If you’re a prospective Home Buyer or Seller . . . or a REALTOR and want to learn more how I and Pareto Realty are shifting and riding through this perpetually transforming Real estate Market environment . . . and how WE can serve you where and HOW you wish to be served . . . Connect with me NOW!


Where are YOU on this scale of Paradigm Shifting and Wave Riding?

What’s YOUR story?

Such exciting times.



Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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